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How Advanced Technology is Affecting the Visual Aspect of Command Center Design

October 24, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Summary: Technology is growing at a rapid pace. Modern command centers need to be able to adapt to this in order for an organization to respond at a rapid pace.

In the past, technology was primarily housed within the command center, but in today’s modern design, it’s more commonly seen housed in a separate data center that’s adjacent to the command center itself. This technological movement from consoles to data centers is an indicator of a data center size increase.

Old School vs. New School

Many traditional command center designers have not fully appreciated the value of today’s modern infrastructure. For one, the amount of computing capacity has been substantially increased to fit the needs of today’s fast-paced society. These drastic changes are being drip fed into command centers while pressing needs demand more from today’s designs.

Incorporating Heat Output Within a Design

When designing data centers for modern command centers, it’s crucial to understand that traditional metrics for estimating both power and head loads no longer apply. Additionally, they have to be re-examined in the light of modern computing equipment in order to provide any sort of value to the command center itself. The increased computing density of today’s PCs means a higher computing horsepower is packed into smaller models. An increased heat output of modern computers have to be considered within the design. And, with new technologies and server types packing more computing power, the heat output can reach almost 3 to 5 times more than it was a decade ago.

The Bottom Line

New technologies demand more from the designer. Command centers require a legitimate space that can handle the advanced capabilities of today’s modern systems. While traditional designers can still provide value when it comes to the overall design, it tends to come with a lack of functionality when it’s all said and done.

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What Constitutes Mission-Critical in Small Business IT Systems?

July 27, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Summary: Determining what is mission-critical and what isn’t can help businesses prioritize appropriately.

For IT systems, there are various areas that are not recognized as mission-critical. What constitutes mission-critical from business-critical? With numerous studies expanding the idea of what constitutes mission-critical, a larger spectrum of workloads and applications are being looked at in a different light.

First off, your true mission-critical systems are ERP and transaction processing systems – those are a given. However, is CRM considered mission critical? What about HR or finance?

Typically, you’d consider mission-critical systems as those that are essential to the organization’s survival. If mission-critical system were to go down at any period of time, the company would be certainly in major trouble. For instance, if any transaction procession systems were to be compromise, there would undoubtedly be chaos and panic occurring – revenue streams will essentially stop. An example of this would be for an airport’s reservation system to go down for a long period of time.

Many mission-critical systems will get the bulk of the IT budget when it comes to security, recovery, and availability. However, when it comes to expanding mission critical, it may require one to reorder budget priorities or reallocating IT resources – which is typically not the easiest thing to do. If one were to incorporate mission critical A/V integrators into a company, there would have to be a certain amount of finances set aside in order to proceed with the installation.

There are numerous changes and enhancements in the technology field that have made businesses rethink the question of what’s mission-critical. For example, social media is providing new customer facing strategies and systems to a variety of businesses. Should this be treated as mission-critical?

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Navigational changes that can increase sales

March 10, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Secure Net Shop

The typical e-commerce site has several issues they will encounter. The most pressing are cart abandonment. The rest vary from SEO, images, optimizing the merchant shopping cart, etc. However, once you get past all those, the only way to increase sales and customer satisfaction is to make very specific optimizations. In this article, we look at category-based changes that can help or hinder sales.

Compatibility based product lists

Compatibility-dependent products are those that only work with specific other products. For example, certain camera lenses will only work with certain models. The best practice here is to optimize the navigation at category level to highlight compatible parent products.

Avoid over-categorization

The biggest challenge that many stores face is over-categorization. Abandonment is high when customers face too many categories. The trick here is to focus on product types rather than category type filters. These filters automatically reduces the number of categories. The category issue arises when the initial set of products are imported into the shopping cart e-commerce software.

Parent categories should be clickable

Another change that reduces customer frustration and increases sales is to make the parent categories clickable. Most site navigation includes parent categories that expand to reveal child categories. Often the issue that the parent categories are text while the child categories are clickable.


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Online shopping traps to avoid

November 17, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

securenetshop3Written by Secure Net Shop

 When it comes to selling goods or services online, there are some traps that retailers fall into that cause problems later on. These, in turn, create negative experiences for customers and lost future sales. Here are few to avoid:

Hidden shipping charges

Ensure that your customer sees accurate shipping charges marked clearly on the checkout pages. In fact, show the shipping charges as early as possible and throughout the checkout process. If shipping is free, then indicate that very clearly so that there is no confusion for the customer. There is nothing that infuriates customers more than sudden shipping charges that appear at the very end.

Delivery times

During the busy shopping season, shipping can vary dramatically. Combat this in two ways. Firstly, provide the most conservative delivery dates to prevent any disappointment. Second, for a specific set of dates, mention that these days are extremely busy and that any delays are the responsibility of the postal or courier service.

False reviews

Shopping sites are filled with false or paid reviews. One way to get around this is to provide reviews from trusted sites directly. Another is to allow users to up vote or down vote reviews from other users and to report spam. There is also the option of now allowing any reviews at all. This is a better solution if there are not enough people to moderate the reviews.


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How Mobile Apps Help Customers Connect with a Business

June 30, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Smartphone icons

Smartphone icons

Mobility is more than a mobile-friendly website. To stay in the game, you need app development Los Angeles.

Enhance Overall Visibility with Customers

The average consumer spends two hours a day on their device. Probably only a minuscule number of apps make up the bulk of that time, but rest assured that will change. Apps are immediate reminders of what sites we want to explore without needing to open browsers.

Apps are Direct Marketing Channels

Mobile apps provide prices, general info, announcements, booking forms, search features unique to business, user accounts, tracking, sales, promotions, messaging, news feeds and more. It is one of the most effective marketing channels any business can put in place.

Offer Customers Value

Get rid of an antiquated points loyalty program and let customers get their rewards directly from your app. The result will be more returning customers and more downloads.

Recognition & Brand

You can’t find a better resource for boosting your presence than mobile application development Los Angeles. Your brand is front and center. You’re hip, stylish and informative on your terms. And the more your audience appreciates that, the more time they spend in your app, reviewing and partaking of your products and services.

Maximize Customer Engagement

Texting has become the preferred method of communication. iPhone app development company Los Angeles – with messaging, push notifications, help desk – is an effective way to communicate and solidify B2C relations. A few clicks instead of a phone call to order shoes or book a restaurant reservation. Customers will love it.

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The Benefits of eCommerce Software

December 4, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Secure Net Shop

A lot of people dream of running a successful online business. In short, it would seem to mean the ultimate freedom without having to necessarily sacrifice profits. In fact, for a lot of people, it has actually meant making more money than they could ever dream to while having a lot of free time to live as they want.

securenetshop1This is a great dream, but it’s one that definitely takes a lot of work to achieve too. All the passion for your product won’t amount to much, for example, if you don’t learn about the type of software it takes to succeed online.

A good example of these necessary platforms would be ecommerce cart software. When we say online shopping cart software, we’re referring to platforms that actually work a lot like the real thing.

As people shop on your site and pick products they want, they also “add” them to an online shopping cart, which they’ll then use when they check out.

The right platform for you will depend on your specific site, but it should make shopping as easy as possible and also encourage customers to make extra purchases whenever possible, resulting in greater profits.

While a lot goes into the success you’re after, this type of software is essential.


If you want to succeed at running an online business, you’re going to need some specific types of software. The type responsible for shopping cart systems sold by Secure Net Shop should be at the top of your list.

Introduce Fingerprint Time Clocks in Your Company

October 17, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

By Allied Time

If you want better results from the people who work for your company, something as simple as a fingerprint time clock will suffice. These tools have never been cheaper, but the finished product they produce—a better staff—is as real as ever.

AlliedTime4Plus, you could spend so much more and not get the same results. Companies like yours have spent thousands of dollars on bringing in coaches and gurus to speak to their people. They might have some effect, but it won’t be on the same level as using a time clock to keep employees accountable for when they’re supposed to be working.

By fingerprinting your staff, you can be assured that no one is cheating the system. Honest employees—which are the majority of them—will appreciate this because they don’t want to have the few bad apples amongst them pressure them into trying to cheat the system.

Of course, you may be worried that your valued employees will find this approach draconian. Fortunately, the exact opposite will happen. Your honest employees will love that a system is in place to ensure everyone is working just as hard as they are. The added benefit of giving them tangible goals to hit every day—showing up on time and not going over their breaks—will also help lead your people to success.


At Allied Time, the bottom line is making more of your company’s most valuable asset. With time clocks, you can make sure that every dime you spend on your staff is well worth it.

Invest in Premium Shopping Cart Software

September 17, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

By Secure Net Shop

Although they have many differences, there are definitely a handful of similarities that exist between brick-and-mortar stores and online businesses that are worth taking into consideration. After all, there’s absolutely no point in reinventing the wheel when someone else has already done so.

Secureshop1A really good example of how you should treat your online shop like a more traditional one sometimes is the Internet shopping cart your site absolutely must have. While there are many shopping cart solutions out there—and you should definitely take the time to find the one that’s right for you—the fact of the matter is that you need to pick one. You can’t hope to have a site that sells products if you don’t have a shopping cart to go along with it. That would be no different than your local grocery store trying to do the same thing.

Online, though, these shopping carts are just as much about upselling and customer satisfaction as the real things are about trying to give customers something they can hold their products in while they shop. This is why shopping carts for online stores are so important for getting the largest profits possible from your efforts.


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Biometrics Security: Why Time Clocks Matter

March 11, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by: Allied Time


The traditional time stamp systems that used manually operated clocks to punch-in and punch-out employees worked great. The single drawback is that these systems did too little to deter employees from stealing time, or punching in and out without having worked. Thanks to the invention of the biometric time clock, employers can provide a secure, more accurate means of tracking time. Even better, these clocks include software that helps employers keep accurate, updated payroll without incurring any of the administrative errors that come with human error.



Compared to other types of time clocks, biometric clocks include a number of security means to detect an employee—fingerprint, facial recognition and even iris scanners. Each of these methodologies help prevent employees from signing in another co-worker. Even better, companies with highly sensitive information can keep unwanted individuals out of the building by requiring biometric scanners upon entry.


Payroll Accuracy

Human error will occur in any work environment. Some mistakes are costly; others, not so much. When it comes to payroll, the smallest accounting error can lead to problems. Thanks to biometric clocks, companies can better control the hours worked by an employee to provide accurate time sheets and accounting for taxes, payroll stubs and personal records. These clocks come with software to track and perform payroll without the added hassle of manual accounting practices.


Various Tracking Methods

Biometric devices include a number of time-keeping methods to adjust to your industry. For example, fingerprint time clocks may work well in office settings, while iris-detection clocks provide an alternative for industries where hands get dirtier and where proper thumb print detection is harder. These various methods allow companies to adjust and tailor clocks to fit their industrial needs.



Most clocks have complex software, but not complicated user interfaces. The simplicity of use allows customers a fast, easy means to setup and track information without the added assistance. And most companies too offer added support after a purchase to ensure systems work as intended. These systems allow almost anyone the means and accessibility to customize the software and U.I. to meet the needs of a particular industry.


As you start to browse through different time-tracking methods, consider how biometric time clocks can offer the support and versatility to meet and exceed your time-keeping methods. With uncompromised security and added methods for tracking information, companies may end up discovering why so many others choose biometrics over traditional manual-time tracking systems.

Great Gadgets To Use In The Workplace

January 13, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Allied Time

Gadgets always add value when used in the workplace. Some of them tend to bring a boost in efficiency by carrying out tasks in a rapid manner. Others also lift up employee morale as they have a fun aspect and are great to use. The list below depicts some of these gadgets that could be most likely used at the workplace than anywhere else.

Self-stirring mugs

Self-stirring mugs have the incredible ability to make stirring motion in the cup of tea or coffee and it is thus the perfect gadget for the busy or lazy coffee drinker. This mug usually have a button found on the handle that would spin the drink as soon as it is pressed. It is ideal if you do not want to have to walk around looking for a spoon every time you add milk or sugar to your drink.

All-in-one PCs

All-in-one PCs are designed to be compact and very small so that they would not be requiring too much space. These computers are also quite rapid and represent a good investment for people seeking the desktop computer appeal. These computers are also suited for people who love using tablets but would still require a desktop computer to work efficiently.

Facial recognition Time system

Biometric time clocks allow people to clock in and out without a badge or their fingerprint. This system recognizes employees through their facial features and tracks their time and attendance automatically.

Allied Time offers a variety of time and attendance tracking systems. Their Time machine can be used by companies.