Introduce Fingerprint Time Clocks in Your Company

By Allied Time

If you want better results from the people who work for your company, something as simple as a fingerprint time clock will suffice. These tools have never been cheaper, but the finished product they produce—a better staff—is as real as ever.

AlliedTime4Plus, you could spend so much more and not get the same results. Companies like yours have spent thousands of dollars on bringing in coaches and gurus to speak to their people. They might have some effect, but it won’t be on the same level as using a time clock to keep employees accountable for when they’re supposed to be working.

By fingerprinting your staff, you can be assured that no one is cheating the system. Honest employees—which are the majority of them—will appreciate this because they don’t want to have the few bad apples amongst them pressure them into trying to cheat the system.

Of course, you may be worried that your valued employees will find this approach draconian. Fortunately, the exact opposite will happen. Your honest employees will love that a system is in place to ensure everyone is working just as hard as they are. The added benefit of giving them tangible goals to hit every day—showing up on time and not going over their breaks—will also help lead your people to success.


At Allied Time, the bottom line is making more of your company’s most valuable asset. With time clocks, you can make sure that every dime you spend on your staff is well worth it.

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