The Therapeutic Effects of Oligos

Written by: The Midland Certified Reagent Company

Oligos have come a long way in the research field.

In laboratories all over the world, oligonucleotides are being used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Prior to the dominance of oligos in the therapeutic world, they were primarily used as an aide to laboratory research. They were manufactured on a smaller scale because of their designated laboratory purpose. Now, they are in high demand due to their ability to assist in human diagnostics and drug resistance developments.

The increased production of both oligo and modified oligo nucleotides have led to more support in genetic methods such as bead-based assays, and isothermal amplification.

BloodSample640For studies of protein, researchers can figure out new, comprehensive strategies that will benefit both testing and researching phases. An advantage that this gives scientists is that they can carve a path ahead in developing new methods for the rest of the world to utilize.

Specific probes, like dual-labeled probes, can be used to assist in drug susceptibility and resistance issues in suffering countries like Africa. The hope is that their oligos will provide insight into creating a more resistant drug that will affect the human body in ways that will enhance and promote life.

As oligos continue to become a more mainstream and significant product in society, companies will heed the demands of laboratories and produce higher-grade oligos. This rapid movement is only the beginning of a positive trend towards revolutionary discoveries. New technologies will continue to be uncovered as genetic coding and oligo design continue to be relied upon when it comes time to make this leap.

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