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How Advanced Technology is Affecting the Visual Aspect of Command Center Design

Summary: Technology is growing at a rapid pace. Modern command centers need to be able to adapt to this in order for an organization to respond at a rapid pace. In the past, technology was primarily housed within the command center, but in today’s modern design, it’s more commonly seen housed in a separate data center that’s adjacent to the command center itself. This technological movement from... [Read more]

Five conveniences of a portable air conditioner

We rely on our central cooling systems to cool our offices, data centers, and homes. Having said that, there is a lot of utility to using portable air conditioners. Here are a few examples of the added convenience that portable air conditioning can provide. Temperature control There are some people that find central air condition warmer than others. With a portable air conditioning unit you can cool... [Read more]

What Constitutes Mission-Critical in Small Business IT Systems?

Summary: Determining what is mission-critical and what isn’t can help businesses prioritize appropriately. For IT systems, there are various areas that are not recognized as mission-critical. What constitutes mission-critical from business-critical? With numerous studies expanding the idea of what constitutes mission-critical, a larger spectrum of workloads and applications are being looked at in... [Read more]

How to Improve Your Mac’s Overall Speed and Performance

Written by: Omar Amanat Summary: Mac’s are undoubtedly expensive investments, which is why making the most out of it is extremely important. Here are some tips on how you can improve the overall speed of your computer. If you’ve owned your Mac for years, you may want be looking to improve its longevity so you’re not faced with a handful of repair costs. Fortunately, you don’t need to dig deep... [Read more]

Navigational changes that can increase sales

Written by Secure Net Shop The typical e-commerce site has several issues they will encounter. The most pressing are cart abandonment. The rest vary from SEO, images, optimizing the merchant shopping cart, etc. However, once you get past all those, the only way to increase sales and customer satisfaction is to make very specific optimizations. In this article, we look at category-based changes that... [Read more]

Diving Into E-Beam Technology And Its Applications

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC Summary: E-beam technology possesses all the tools and characteristics that a quality deposition method requires. This guide will break down all the essentials that you need to know to understand how e-beam evaporation works and how it’s applied in today’s industries. Understanding Ebeams E-beam evaporation is a physical vapor deposition technique that utilizes... [Read more]

How to Appropriately Configure Your GPU to Your Plane

The set up process is fairly painless and will allow you to work off your GPU. Setting up your 28 volt battery pack to your aircraft can be a nuisance if you’re an amateur pilot. Fortunately, this guide will walk you through the steps on how to operate your ground power unit and connect it to your plane with ease. Locate Your External Power Connector Depending on the model of you aircraft, your... [Read more]

Dealing with an air conditioning crisis in the data center

Written by MovinCool A failure or an issue with air conditioning is the biggest nightmare for a data center. Most elements of a data center have redundancies including cooling. However, there are some failures, such as issues with ducting etc. that cannot be protected against. This is where spot cooling comes in. Spot cooling is the ability to cool a very specific area without any infrastructure in... [Read more]

BMW to offer new version of i3 electric car in 2017: Welt am Sonntag

German luxury carmaker BMW plans to launch a new version of its i3 electric car next year with a longer range and revamped design, German weekly Welt am Sonntag reported, citing company sources. BMW will rework the front and rear of the i3 and equip the car with a new battery to increase its range substantially beyond the current 300 km maximum, the paper said, adding that the increase would be below... [Read more]

Personal data for more than 130,000 sailors hacked: U.S. Navy

Hackers gained access to sensitive information, including Social Security numbers, for 134,386 current and former U.S. sailors, the U.S. Navy said on Wednesday. It said a laptop used by a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services employee working on a U.S. Navy contract was hacked. Hewlett Packard informed the Navy of the breach on Oct. 27 and the affected sailors will be notified in the coming weeks, the... [Read more]

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