Online shopping traps to avoid

securenetshop3Written by Taking Over the Internet Search

 When it comes to selling goods or services online, there are some traps that retailers fall into that cause problems later on. These, in turn, create negative experiences for customers and lost future sales. Here are few to avoid:

Hidden shipping charges

Ensure that your customer sees accurate shipping charges marked clearly on the checkout pages. In fact, show the shipping charges as early as possible and throughout the checkout process. If shipping is free, then indicate that very clearly so that there is no confusion for the customer. There is nothing that infuriates customers more than sudden shipping charges that appear at the very end.

Delivery times

During the busy shopping season, shipping can vary dramatically. Combat this in two ways. Firstly, provide the most conservative delivery dates to prevent any disappointment. Second, for a specific set of dates, mention that these days are extremely busy and that any delays are the responsibility of the postal or courier service.

False reviews

Shopping sites are filled with false or paid reviews. One way to get around this is to provide reviews from trusted sites directly. Another is to allow users to up vote or down vote reviews from other users and to report spam. There is also the option of now allowing any reviews at all. This is a better solution if there are not enough people to moderate the reviews.

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