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How to Appropriately Configure Your GPU to Your Plane

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The set up process is fairly painless and will allow you to work off your GPU.

Setting up your 28 volt battery pack to your aircraft can be a nuisance if you’re an amateur pilot. Fortunately, this guide will walk you through the steps on how to operate your ground power unit and connect it to your plane with ease.

Locate Your External Power Connector

Depending on the model of you aircraft, your external power connector should be located on the side of your plane. Using a Philips head screwdriver, open the cover and locate the connector. You’ll notice that there the power connector has two large pins and one small pin above it.

Plug Your GPU In

The GPU power connector is keyed and will match he appropriate socket. Simply plug in your GPU connector into the appropriate pins and push firmly. There are no latches or clips so there won’t necessarily be a sound that will confirm that it’s placed correctly. Just be sure that you push the 28 volt battery pack in to where it’s firmly in place.

Once everything is in place, double check that your GPU is producing the set amount of power that your plane requires (28 volts for example) by reading the gauges. Then, turn your GPU on and verify that your plane is receiving the specified voltage. You can then simply turn on your master switch and your avionics switch. Your plane is now powered via the GPU and you can perform the necessary work that you need.

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The Source of Airplane Power Lies in Small Carts

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Written by: Start Pac

The revolutionary aviation industry has brought the world some “power” –ful things.

Airplanes are one of society’s greatest marvels. Their capabilities and transcendent nature have gifted the world with an alternate form of transportation and delivery. Every time that you visit an airport, the windows are large and transparent enough for you to witness what behemoth of a craft you are about to pioneer. Now, airplanes have a functionality that is similar to any vehicle, they need power and gas – there’s obviously more complexity involved but for this description’s sake, it bottles down to these two.

Power Source

Typically, you’ll find that there are multi-colored carts placed in locations around the plane. This piece of equipment is known as a portable power pack. How it’s used is that it supplies the amount of power that an airplane needs to be able to embark on its journey. The importance of this power source lies with the aircraft’s internal structure.

Now in order for this portable battery pack to properly fire an aircraft up again, it needs to supply a dedicated amount of voltage directly to the input. This could range from anywhere between 24 volts to 28 volts. There have also been changes in designs as portable power sources have been installed in the runway for direct access.

The ground power unit that you see automatically rising up once an airplane has taxied is connected to a primary source that controls many other power supplies around the multiple runways. As engineering and technology advances, power supplies will become more effective and efficient in a way that many would never have pictured.

Three Uses for a Vacuum Coating System

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Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC

Certain manufacturing techniques are shaping the modern world, and the future to come. It would not be possible to produce the kind of technology we have today, at the scale in which we use it, without some kind of method to reduce waste and improve conditions for production. Sputter deposition, for instance, allows us a level of precision down to mere microns in thickness. This allows us to create powerful semiconductors at an extremely small scale, powering ever smaller devices used in a host of applications.

Vacuum coating systems have had a major impact on every major sector in American and worldwide manufacturing. Here are a few of those practical applications.


Anti-glare coating is not a simple spray, or else it would be washed or rubbed away as the user cleans his glasses. Instead, the lens is placed into a vacuum sealed chamber where anti-glare chemicals can evenly coat its surface. The transition is so seamless that the user doesn’t even notice the coating.

Catheters are just one of many internal medical devices that benefit from acqueous coatings. These chemicals make the surface of the instrument pliable within the user’s body, so she can comfortably wear a device without fear of irritating her skin or internal organs.

Anti-microbial coatings further stop infection and improve patient recovery times. These coatings are applied to all manner of instruments, and they kill of infections that find their way into someone’s body through healing wounds.


Vacuum metalizing is used heavily in the aerospace industry, and in the auto industry to a certain extent. Plastic has a higher availability than stronger metals, and it’s not always feasible to manufacture a part made entirely of metals. Instead, the plastic is used as a base for a metallic coating. This strengthens the plastic with the properties of the metal and reduces the costs to manufacture all sorts of parts.


Vacuum coating systems are primarily used in situations where controlling temperature is imperative. This is one reason why it’s so useful in metallization, where the intense heat needed to turn the metal into gas would completely destroy any plastic parts to be coated. Instead, the chamber is cooled to a specific temperature.

These systems also allow for extreme precision in the coating of an object. There are no physical defects visible, and layers of chemicals are so thin that the substrate remains virtually unchanged.

Important Tech for Your Large Machinery

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By Start Pac

Does your business depend on sizable machinery to get the job done? If so, they probably feel like a missed blessing a lot of times. When things are going right, these machines go a long way toward helping you get the job done as well as possible. On the other hand, when they’re not working, your entire workday can come to a screeching halt and it may even be a while before it starts getting up and running again.

Fortunately, you can rely on a portable power supply in many of these situations. Did your machine simply run out of juice? Instead of towing it to a power stations or relying on other lackluster workarounds, something like a turbine starting machine or similar option can have your essential devices getting the job done once again in no time.

So don’t worry about those important machines becoming more of a liability than an asset. Instead, invest in technology like the kind mentioned above. That way, the next time your machines need a little extra help, your portable option is right there to get your workday back on track—no real harm done.


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We All Need Electricity

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Written By: Start Pac

There is no denying of the fact that people depend on power and electricity. We all get sad if there is a blackout because then we would not be able to carry on our usual activities like watching television, playing on the computer or even surfing the net. But these are not the only thing we do with electricity or power. The possibilities or opportunities that we can use power with are endless. In fact, many companies depend so much on power because their whole factory is run on power. Their offices cannot function if they lacked electricity because tasks or duties of the people will not be done appropriately without it. That is why it is very important to have ground power unit because this is a source of electricity used by companies in order for them to attain electricity and power. All the different machines in the office is run by electricity. The fax machines, the photocopy machine, computers and so much more! Imagine if you went to work and there was no electricity. How else will you be able to do your jobs and duties? It is good also to keep around lithium batteries that can easily be used right away. These will come in handy just in case of an emergency. If there is a blackout and it is already dark out, you will need the batteries for your to work your flashlights, which will help you find your way out or on your way home.

If you visit stores that make ground power units, you will find many useful products that will help you have portable power. They also have a number of products that are useful like turbine starting.

5 Convenient Uses for Portable Power Supplies

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In today’s highly wired and wireless world, we’ve become accustomed to having access to power everywhere we go. Unfortunately, there are still many scenarios where tapping into the grid isn’t possible. Consequently, a portable power supply such as a generator is an extremely handy device to have around. Below you’ll find just a few applications for a portable power supply.

Generator Parties

The ability to produce large amounts of electricity instantly wherever you go opens up a whole new world of recreational opportunities. If you have a rugged 4×4 and a portable power supply, you can throw a memorable generator party out in the wilderness. A few generators can easily power speakers and amplifiers, lights and even refrigerators.

Working in the Field

For the most part, light and even heavy equipment is typically designed to be used in the field without external power. However, there are many cases where something like a diesel electric hybrid generator comes in handy. If you’re using tools that rely on compressed air like nail guns or jackhammers, generators are a godsend.

Office Events & Parties

The best after-hours workplace get-togethers usually happen away from the office. Whether your work party is taking place at a softball field or a remote state park, you can’t always guarantee reliable power. Generators and other portable power supplies ensure that you can network and kick back well into the night wherever you are.

Emergency Jump-Starts

Single-engine aircraft owners know firsthand how convenient it is to have a Ground Power Unit available in case a dead battery must be jump-started. A portable power supply is a wise purchase if you work with an assortment of vehicles in remote areas. Most mobile power supplies are designed to jump-start a diverse array of machines.

Backup Home Electricity

Whether you’re powering outdoor lighting or keeping the furnace running during a blackout, generators are must for homeowners. They pay for themselves even if you only use them a few times for emergencies and maintain resale value quite well over time. Best of all, they can be used for a multitude of applications around the house.

Small Package, Big Potential

Today’s advanced portable power supplies are quiet, efficient and powerful to boot. Better yet, they tend to be surprisingly compact when you consider their maximum output and ease of use. Needless to say, there’s no limit to what you can potentially do with a portable power unit or generator if you use your imagination.
Start Pac sells portable power generators including the gas electric hybrid gpu. Find out how to power your aircraft or industrial equipment anywhere with Start Pac.

Never Be Without the Energy You Need

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By Start Pac

So much of the technology we rely on today is an integral part of our lives. Were we suddenly to be without it, we’d be at a loss for what to do. Once in a while, we get a taste of this when we forget our cell phones at home or they simply run out of energy. Another, less simple example is when our car batteries die and we find out what it’s like to not have that very important technology handy.

But this happens in our business lives too for many of us. If you use commercial hardware on the job, you may have discovered, first-hand, the frustration and challenges that come from not having your energy when you needed it.

 Fortunately, there is other technology available to make sure this issue never becomes a problem for you. While you might run out of energy, you can use lithium batteries to fill them back up simply by using a power supply device. You can also take advantage of lithium GPU technology for this same purpose.

No matter what kind of technology your daily life depends on, you can make sure you always have the electricity you need thanks to the right kind of battery.

Start Pac sells a number of different portable battery pack options so you never have to be without the energy you need. Whether it’s for a vehicle or commercial hardware, the company has everything you need and can point you to a local dealer as well.

Planes vs. Cars

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By Start Pac

                There are a lot of people who treat aircraft much like they do cars, after all, they do have the same general purpose of transportation. The only differences being that aircraft travel through the air and cars travel on land. In terms of machinery though, they are somewhat the same but also different. Aircraft can be a lot more complicated and there are a lot of controls that aircraft have that are not present in cars. Engines and motors can be similar in some senses but not all. One component is the same and that is the starter. Both starters run on electricity which comes from the vehicle’s battery, but what would happen if the battery gets discharged?

Portable starters

                This is where things start to get a bit hazy in terms of how to handle the situation. For cars, you just have to hook up some jumper cables to a car with a working battery, crank the ignition, and your car starts up just fine. However, this isn’t the case with planes. What you would need is a gas turbine start up equipped with the highest quality lithium batteries. These portable starters are a godsend and will never fail to help you out in sticky situations. Those special lithium batteries will take place as a power source for the starter, and given it’s high voltage capacities, starting the engines on your aircraft is never a problem. Save yourself a lot of trouble and grab a gas turbine start up today.

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The Importance of Keeping Spare Energy on Hand

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There’s almost no part of our daily lives that isn’t somehow connected to energy. Whether it’s the cars we take to work or the grocery store, the phones we can’t stop using or the homes we spend most of our time in, energy is all around us and we wouldn’t know what to do without it. Unfortunately, many people have to find out the hard way. Just about every year in recent memory has involved some kind of natural disaster that left people without the many modern amenities we all take for granted.

This is why it’s so important to have other options when it comes to energy. Whether it’s storing extra lithium batteries or generators for things like 28 volt power supplies, the recent past should teach us that we don’t want to risk being left in the dark.

Fortunately, this is easier to do than ever before. The modern world is full of options for keeping spare energy around for when times get really tough. Generators, for example, are more affordable and convenient than most of us understand. If a natural disaster takes electricity from our home, a diesel generator can get it back up and running for the foreseeable future. Even those batteries can power a number of tools that can make all the difference.

It’s always a good idea to be optimistic, but don’t fool yourself into thinking a disaster couldn’t change your world immediately. Keep spare power so when the worst happens, you’ll be ready.


Article submitted by Start Pac. They offer a wide variety of portable gpu options so you have a backup plan when the worst case scenario happens.