5 Convenient Uses for Portable Power Supplies

In today’s highly wired and wireless world, we’ve become accustomed to having access to power everywhere we go. Unfortunately, there are still many scenarios where tapping into the grid isn’t possible. Consequently, a portable power supply such as a generator is an extremely handy device to have around. Below you’ll find just a few applications for a portable power supply.

Generator Parties

The ability to produce large amounts of electricity instantly wherever you go opens up a whole new world of recreational opportunities. If you have a rugged 4×4 and a portable power supply, you can throw a memorable generator party out in the wilderness. A few generators can easily power speakers and amplifiers, lights and even refrigerators.

Working in the Field

For the most part, light and even heavy equipment is typically designed to be used in the field without external power. However, there are many cases where something like a diesel electric hybrid generator comes in handy. If you’re using tools that rely on compressed air like nail guns or jackhammers, generators are a godsend.

Office Events & Parties

The best after-hours workplace get-togethers usually happen away from the office. Whether your work party is taking place at a softball field or a remote state park, you can’t always guarantee reliable power. Generators and other portable power supplies ensure that you can network and kick back well into the night wherever you are.

Emergency Jump-Starts

Single-engine aircraft owners know firsthand how convenient it is to have a Ground Power Unit available in case a dead battery must be jump-started. A portable power supply is a wise purchase if you work with an assortment of vehicles in remote areas. Most mobile power supplies are designed to jump-start a diverse array of machines.

Backup Home Electricity

Whether you’re powering outdoor lighting or keeping the furnace running during a blackout, generators are must for homeowners. They pay for themselves even if you only use them a few times for emergencies and maintain resale value quite well over time. Best of all, they can be used for a multitude of applications around the house.

Small Package, Big Potential

Today’s advanced portable power supplies are quiet, efficient and powerful to boot. Better yet, they tend to be surprisingly compact when you consider their maximum output and ease of use. Needless to say, there’s no limit to what you can potentially do with a portable power unit or generator if you use your imagination.

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