Planes vs. Cars

                There are a lot of people who treat aircraft much like they do cars, after all, they do have the same general purpose of transportation. The only differences being that aircraft travel through the air and cars travel on land. In terms of machinery though, they are somewhat the same but also different. Aircraft can be a lot more complicated and there are a lot of controls that aircraft have that are not present in cars. Engines and motors can be similar in some senses but not all. One component is the same and that is the starter. Both starters run on electricity which comes from the vehicle’s battery, but what would happen if the battery gets discharged?

Portable starters

                This is where things start to get a bit hazy in terms of how to handle the situation. For cars, you just have to hook up some jumper cables to a car with a working battery, crank the ignition, and your car starts up just fine. However, this isn’t the case with planes. What you would need is a gas turbine start up equipped with the highest quality lithium batteries. These portable starters are a godsend and will never fail to help you out in sticky situations. Those special lithium batteries will take place as a power source for the starter, and given it’s high voltage capacities, starting the engines on your aircraft is never a problem. Save yourself a lot of trouble and grab a gas turbine start up today.

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