Navigational changes that can increase sales

Written by Secure Net Shop

The typical e-commerce site has several issues they will encounter. The most pressing are cart abandonment. The rest vary from SEO, images, optimizing the merchant shopping cart, etc. However, once you get past all those, the only way to increase sales and customer satisfaction is to make very specific optimizations. In this article, we look at category-based changes that can help or hinder sales.

Compatibility based product lists

Compatibility-dependent products are those that only work with specific other products. For example, certain camera lenses will only work with certain models. The best practice here is to optimize the navigation at category level to highlight compatible parent products.

Avoid over-categorization

The biggest challenge that many stores face is over-categorization. Abandonment is high when customers face too many categories. The trick here is to focus on product types rather than category type filters. These filters automatically reduces the number of categories. The category issue arises when the initial set of products are imported into the shopping cart e-commerce software.

Parent categories should be clickable

Another change that reduces customer frustration and increases sales is to make the parent categories clickable. Most site navigation includes parent categories that expand to reveal child categories. Often the issue that the parent categories are text while the child categories are clickable.


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