Five conveniences of a portable air conditioner

We rely on our central cooling systems to cool our offices, data centers, and homes. Having said that, there is a lot of utility to using portable air conditioners. Here are a few examples of the added convenience that portable air conditioning can provide.
Temperature control
There are some people that find central air condition warmer than others. With a portable air conditioning unit you can cool your own area without bothering anyone else. You can also cool any space as long as it is enclosed. Common uses are for offices and special areas on the factory floor.
Monetary savings
For many people, you can save a lot of money by investing in a portable a/c rather than using a central a/c when you are the only person in the house. The same goes for cooling during an event. You can use a rental portable air conditioner to cool just part of your house during the event.
A common use of portable a/c units is to provide cooling during times when the main units have broken down or are under maintenance. You can use these units when cooling is not sufficient, hotter weather, or when the central a/c cannot cope with the thermal load.