The Importance of Monitoring Desktop Connections

Remote desktop management has become an important tool in business in recent years.  These handy tools can help give your organization visibility on your servers and work stations.  These systems can help to track a myriad of important factors so that you can run your business in the most efficient way possible.

These systems offer many advantages.  First and foremost, these systems are able to track user productivity as well as the types of applications that users are running.  You can also easily conduct basic time tracking.  As a manager, you will no longer have to worry that remote employers aren’t doing their assigned work.  With a terminal server manager, it’s easy to track and review metrics in order to evaluate productivity. A terminal server monitor is a great way to evaluate the overall performance of your company because it helps to evaluate the productivity and momentum of all users.

In addition to measuring user productivity, these systems also allow for more flexibility in completing work and checking important documents.  For example, if you were away from the office, but needed to access an important file or program, it’s completely possible with these systems.  With a remote desktop, you can easily access your work computer from your home computer.  You could even do this on vacation!

There is also a more concentrated form of remote desktop management known as terminal server session recording.  This involves session recording with a possible playback.  Essentially management can use these systems to host, review, and playback on-screen activity.  This obviously isn’t required for every type of industry.  However, certain industries like finance and government work often require intense monitoring in order to prevent legal issues.  This type of screening acts an important security tool in preventing law suits and similar issues.  For certain types of business, these systems aren’t adequate because they can hold onto a high volume of data.

Many decide against using a remote desktop because they have fears around security.  Luckily, that isn’t an issue with this impressive technology.  Most of these systems rely on user access through identification and many of these programs use anti-spyware programs in order to protect data.  In addition to these programs, it’s necessary to have your own security software running on your computer.

If you’re worried about the level of productivity in your business, it’s a good idea to consider a desktop management system for your business.


Guest post is provided by RDPSoft Company, a leading terminal server monitoring business.

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