Portable Power Supplies for the Aviation Industry

Are you in the market for a portable power supply for the aviation industry? The aviation industry heavily relies on portable starting units for a wide variety of applications. The industry needs reliable aircraft ground power units for repeated starts and maintenance functions, including maintenance support, and air, environmental, and electric systems. The aviation industry also needs dependable portable starting units for aircraft engine starting needs.

If you’re searching for a new ground power unit for the aviation industry, you might be overwhelmed by the many options available on the market. How do you know which unit to buy? What if you need a custom-built unit? The key is to find a lightweight, reliable system that can be easily carried on board the aircraft. Here’s a look at the top portable power starting units for the aviation industry.

Lithium Portable Starting Units

Lithium is a popular choice for battery packs. Lithium portable starting units for the aviation industry come in a variety of sizes, from packs designed for small to medium size turbine engines to units that offer power to all electrically-started turbine engines. It’s important to find the right size battery pack that offers the features you need. Start Pac offers a lithium ion starting unit that is a full 26VDC battery pack, featuring a built-in charger. The charger offers 4.0 amps output and can be recharged for nearly six hours. This unit can be used for aircraft such as the Phenom 100 and Eclipse 500.

Why Lithium?

There are many benefits to owning lithium portable starting units. Lithium batteries are 42 percent lighter and 32 percent smaller than lead-acid batteries. Lithium battery packs also last longer; they offer twice the battery life of lead-acid batteries. What’s more, lithium battery packs don’t have sulfaction issues, which means they can be discarded without damaging the battery plates.

Lead Acid Portable Starting Units

The aviation industry uses a wide variety of lead acid battery packs for repeated starts and maintenance functions. This type of battery packs are available in 24-volt or 28 volt battery pack devices and offer large battery capacities. Start Pac, for example, offers a model that features separate removable batteries that can be changed in seconds. The 1324-1QC can be used to start turbine or piston engines with up to 500 horsepower. This specific model offers a charge time of nearly four hours and gives two to three starts between charges. You can also find lead acid portable starting units in 24 volt power supply.

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