Two reasons to go with local hosting

2Written by Rack Alley

There are a lot of ways to host your website online. You get shared hosting, dedicated server hosting. There are also cloud based provides like Azure and Amazon. The cloud providers have some advantages over the others, one is the ability to be able to choose the exact location of your website. Both off numerous locations worldwide. They do not however have some of the advantages you will get with going local, for example if you were to host at a la data center. Here are a few of them:


This is the primary advantage of going with local hosting. When you host locally, the network latency is usually in the single digits. This is almost like the site is hosted in your own building. Why does this matter? Because the faster a site loads, and the faster you can navigate the more likely they will buy something. Amazon for example says that a one second delay in loading the site can cost them as much as one billion dollars in sales.


Another advantage is that the data center will be relatively closeby. You could purchase and install on your own servers and even conduct maintenance on them directly. You can get the above latency benefits with los angeles web hosting, but this is only possible if you colocate in a local data center.


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