The Many Uses of Portable AC Units


When most of us think of AC, we think of hot summer days when we’re so grateful for this amazing creature comfort. It’s hard to even think about what we’d have to do without this industrial gift. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to imagine how people made it during the summer months before AC was invented.

However, today’s AC units have much bigger jobs than just keeping people nice and comfortable during the summer. Look at data center cooling, for example. The entire World Wide Web is only possible because of crowded server rooms that are crammed full of these essential machines.

These machines create a ton of heat though. Without AC units to keep temperatures in check, they’d soon destroy themselves and bring down most of the web with it.

Another good example of the modern functionality of AC units is water damage restoration. If your house was to flood or some equally unimaginable destruction was to occur because of water, you’d want a portable AC unit to help dry up all that moisture.

Although these are just two examples, hopefully they shed some light on the debt we owe air conditioning. It’s about more than just keeping us comfy in our homes; it can actually do a lot more.

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