The Importance of a Marine Exhaust

A novice trying to find the components their boat needs could become overwhelmed by the many Suzuki marine parts available for purchase. Of all the parts a boat runs on, perhaps none is as important as its marine exhaust. Read on to learn why.

When the gases inside an engine are manipulated by the machine, they create a readily recognizable byproduct called exhaust. The marine exhaust system works to transfer this exhaust away from the boat, where it could prove potentially hazardous to the riders or become very dangerous by mixing with the chemical reactions going on within the engine. Generally marine exhaust systems will utilize one or more of the following: cylinder head and exhaust manifold; a turbocharger that multiplies engine capabilities a catalytic converter that decreases the dangers of exhaust released; a muffler that quiets the engine’s sound.

There are endless ways to customize your boat engine’s exhaust system. Some prefer to actually augment it in a way that makes it louder, much like a motorcycle’s engine. You can also take certain measures to try to reduce the pollution like, for example, upgrading the catalytic converter. Larger stacks can also be purchased and added on to further the distance between the smoke released and anything it could risk reacting with.

As boats need engines and those engines need to be kept save, one could argue that marine exhaust systems are the most important part of a boat.


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