Cell Phone Recycling Service

SellMyMobile.com cell phone recycling giant is launching a new site in the US for cell phone recycling. It will be called sellcell.com. The site will be a \comparison shopping service that will compare several cell phone recycling services and provide users with various options as far as what company to pick and who pays the best.

We are assuming the US website will be very similar to the UK website, so here we will tell you some of the features that the UK website offers, which hopefully will be the same in the US version. When you search for the phone brand that you want to recycle, you are presented with several different vendors that will buy your phone. The results display the vendors in a chart side by side and rank them with the highest paying first. In another column it will also let you know if any of the vendors will pay for a non-working phone and if so how much. They also display if any of the vendors will send you a pre-paid postage bag and also display user rating in a 5 star rating systems. If there are any reviews you can also click on the reviews button to read them. Payment methods are also displayed in a different column.

The UK site also features a page on most popular phones and another on most valuable phones. It also has a page on recent sales.

Personally, I have 3 old phones in the house sitting around. I had never thought of recycling them and making some extra bucks. But once i found out about this service, I cannot wait for it to get launched so I can make some extra money. I did a quick search for my Samsung Blackjack II shows that I can get £14.00 or about $22.66 US Dollars. Not bad!

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