Use Tinfoil To Boost Your Remote Control Range

A lot of people know how well some tinfoil works when used on a Wi Fi Router. It boosts their power considerably, so why not try it on other electronics? Read on to find out how to use tinfoil to modify the power of a remote control, to enhance the reach. The tinfoil is actually place inside the remote control, so pay attention if you want to see how to do it.

It’s too bad that the guide that I’m talking about can’t be embedded, since the video doesn’t allow it. It has around 48 seconds of video in it. What he says in the video, is to unsnap the remote control easily, open it, tap down the infrared LED leads with some electrical tape. Next, make a small bed of tinfoil on the point where the LED snaps together. According to Kay, this will work well with any type of remote control. Still, there is always the chance that it might not work, so think twice before you start opening up your remote control. It could be harder to piece back together later. Still, imagine all the things you can do if you have a remote control that has an increased range. Do it on an universal remote control for example and you can mess with the neighbor’s TV from a distance.

If you tried the tricks presented in the video, let us know in the comments below. Did you have good experiences or bad? Did you manage to make it work?