Tips for Stopping Time Fraud

One of the hot topics of business these days is employee fraud. It may come in the form of sharing proprietary company information, or straight up stealing, but it’s a problem never the less. These tips will help you identify and stop time card, and other forms of employee fraud.

Change Clocks

One of the most obvious sources for fraud is the time punch clock. It’s easy for dishonest employees to swipe in and out when they aren’t supposed to or to have someone swipe for them. This is illegal, but it’s often left up to HR to figure out what went wrong. Changing the time clock can correct some of these issues. For example, friends can’t clock each other in if you rely on biometrics. Other time clocks are based online, so your employees must be at their terminal to sign in.

Communicate Policies

If you don’t communicate the policies you have with regards to time and attendance systems, employees will never know if they have done something wrong. It’s common sense to tell when you’re late, but what about sick or vacation days? These are gray areas that can come back to haunt you as the employer, making it hard to fire the wrong people and retain the right ones. When a candidate becomes a full or part-time employee, distribute a handbook that details your specific expectations for attendance. Review this document with someone from HR so that everyone is aware of the rules.

Audit Employees

When all else fails, perform an audit of your company. An audit can be stressful for your employees, especially in a small business, but it can actually help to deter fraud if implemented well. Most fraud comes from internal knowledge of mismanagement. In small companies especially, recognizing fraud by audit can help set a precedent for behavior. In some cases, simple disciplinary actions will be enough. For chronic abusers, heavier punishments might be in order. Try to identify the high-risk areas of your business and start with those. Measuring attendance and stock, for instance, will uncover some losses and won’t take as much time as some of the administration aspects.

Final Thoughts

Fraud is a serious concern, especially for small businesses with limited capital. You don’t want to be the bad guy, but you may have to apply some audits and disciplinary actions to stop theft and fraud as they happen. Begin by identifying the areas you plan to lose the most on, then be sure that everyone on staff understands your expectations.
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