Samsung Toner Cartridge

Before choosing a Samsung toner cartridge, it is important to understand how it toner cartridge works. Toner cartridges are used inside laser printers. The toner is basically the ink that is use to print materials onto paper. The cartridge consists of an outer plastic frame. Inside that frame houses graphite as well as the ink powder. Also inside the cartridge are a metal roller and a felt want. Toner cartridges are reusable, replaceable as well is recyclable. Factory OEM cartridges are compatible with your laser printer but cost less than the brand-name cartridge.

             Many people choose to recycle their cartridges. This process is completed by placing the cartridge and a Samsung waste toner container where it then gets recycled. The process of printing from a toner cartridge is easier than most people think. You will put the paper in the paper tray of your printer. Once the printing job is sent to the printer, the drum will rotate and a laser beam will shine the light onto the surface of the drum while it is rotating. The part of the drum that has the light shining on it then creates the image to be printed. The charged toner particles are then drawn to the image that is on the drum. As this process is going on, the paper is going through the drum and at that point it gets negative charges which then make the toner stick to the image on the paper. Searching for a toner cartridge is as easy as going online and putting in a part number such as BP96 – 00608a.

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