Quicken Online For The iPhone

Wesabe, Mint and Quicken Online are fighting in the market of money management online. The latest news is that Quicken Online has launched an app for the iPhone, and it’s called Quicken Online Mobile. They are looking to make a difference with this app and really take the market with it.
While it’s a lot like Wesabe and Mint, Quicken Online Mobile isn’t really something that should be used by people that want all the small details about how their investments are doing and how their money are flowing. This tool is best for those that are just looking to find out how much money they have in their account.

Besides showing you what updates took place in your account and what balance you have, this application also calculates what your remaining budget is, after taking into consideration your usual expenses (bills). Basically, you can just look at your iPhone and find out how much you can spend before you reach the limit of your budget. Want to find out if you can afford paying a round of drinks to the entire bar? This app should come in very handy.

The features that I liked the most in this app are that it shows you where the nearest ATM is. This app uses the WiFi or GPS triangulation to find out where you are and how close you are to an ATM. For example, I tested the app and it showed me all three ATM machines that are in the vicinity of my house. Not sure how complete their map is, but for me it worked quite well.

Downloading Quicken Online Mobile is completely free, as long as you create a Quicken Online account. You should also test Wesabe and Mint for iPhone and see which one works best for your needs.