Meet Ted Dhanik of Engage: BDR

Ted Dhanik made his big splash in the internet industry when his advanced marketing efforts helped launch in all major markets. His latest endeavor, running his own integrated-media advertising company, is yet another testimony of Dhanik’s drive to be on the cutting-edge of online media. Whether it is developing and launching a new product or reviving an old one, Dhanik’s marketing tricks are always ahead of the curve. Here’s a look at the impressive company he’s running today and the road that led him there.

Along with co-founder Kurtis Rintala, Dhanik launched engage: BDR in 2007, and at a great time, too. He had just completed a five year stint at, where, in addition to launching the brand in its infancy, he was responsible for developing, producing, and acquiring content and promotion strategies. He was also the brain behind several MySpace brands, including the popular MySpace Celebrity concept.

But before he landed such a sweet position at MySpace, Dhanik worked his way up the industry ladder, proving his talents to the people who mattered along the way. From 2001 to 2005, he was the head of business development at, where he was recruited from his previous employer ( to create and launch the company’s home equity product. LMB was not disappointed; in its first year, the new product earned more than $20 million, and the second year reaped $75 million for the company.

So what was Dhanik doing at Nextag that was so impressive to the people at Only helping the company grow aggressively enough to compete with industry heavyweights and Lending Tree.

While Dhanik has an impressive resume, nothing compares to the arsenal of talents he displays at engage: BDR — talents which go above and beyond serving as President and CEO. For the past five years, Dhanik has also been responsible for overseeing the company’s strategic marketing department, sales and business development, client relationship management, and content acquisition. Kudos!

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