How to Enhance the Sputtering Process

beam-splitterSputtering can be enhanced in a variety of ways.

With so many different deposition methods available today, the market has become somewhat saturated. Furthermore, because of the rapid advancement in technology, there are new ways to optimize material deposition, therefore expanding the industry in even more ways. Now, one of the most common deposition processes comes from what is known as sputtering. A sputter deposition system is efficient, quick, and is know for its high quality output. Here is a breakdown on how one can enhance the production of this process.

Process Breakdown

There are numerous ways that you can enhance the process of sputtering. One of the most common ways to do this is to use what is known as a magnetron sputtering system or an ion beam sputter deposition. The main difference between this and a basic sputtering system is that a magnetic field is being utilized near the target area. This field causes the electrons to travel and spiral along flu lines near the target rather than it being attracted towards the substrate. One of the advantages of this is that the plasma is “stuck” to an area near the target, without causing any damage to the thin film that is being formed. Remember, electrons will travel for a longer distance which increases the possibility of further ionizing Argon atoms. This tends to create a stable plasma with a high density of ions. More ions means that there is going to be more ejected atoms from the target, which in turn will increase the efficiency of the entire sputtering process.

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