Best Free Data Recovery Tool

Losing data from your hard drive can be a very annoying experience, as you may know. But, unless your hard drive was destroyed completely, there is a good chance that you can recover your data by using special tools, designed for such an occasion.
Here we will talk about some of the free tools that can be used for data recovery. It doesn’t matter if you deleted all the data by accident from your computer or from the SD card. Using the right tools allows you to recover any sort of data lost or deleted from your hard drive.
data recovery

One option for you would be to use Ubuntu Live CD, which doesn’t recover your files from the hard drive, but it does allow you to boot up your computer with it. If you Windows installation is messed up, an Ubuntu Live CD might be just what you need to fix it.

O&O Format Recovery is a software that I’ve used in the past on a number of occasions and it did the trick every single time, recovering all the files that I’ve lost.

Recuva is a great app to use. I actually tested it against another tool, SpinRite, and it did a much better job at recovering files. It’s also free, while SpinRite isn’t.
GetDataBack is my favorite tool actually, beating even Recuva. During one especially nasty week I lost four hard drives and the only tool that got me through that period and helped me recover the files was GetDataBack. It was the absolute best tool that I’ve tried during that period, and I tried a lot of them.
If the hard drive has physical problems, the best tool to use is GetDataBack. A freeware application will not help you as much. If you haven’t experience such problems until now, consider yourself lucky.