Affordable Web Site Monitoring Services

Does your website get hacked on a regular basis? Are you tired of dealing with the downtime to your business caused by website problems? You’re not alone. Millions of e-commerce companies deal with the headaches of downtime, exploits and black listings.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find an affordable solution for startups and small businesses who want to fix website issues, test out their sites and track performance. But we’ve found one company that offers premium web site monitoring services at affordable prices, 1st Warning.

A low-cost solution for web site monitoring services, 1stWarning tests your web services for all the major causes of downtime without the use of additional modules to enable multiple test types. Instead, the company uses a global network of monitoring stations to test your web services and alerts you when your website, email, DNS or other services are unavailable, hacked or have been blocked. The company offers comprehensive web site performance monitoring at a simple, affordable price.

For example, if the monitor is for a website, the company tests the website to check if it is up and functioning, it has not been improperly redirected, the content has not changed unexpectedly, If you have a SSL certificate, that it is valid, not expired or not about to expire, your DNS settings have not been hijacked, If your site is not on a major domain block list and your site has not been listed as a phishing site (used by all major browsers).

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