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The Advantages of a Diesel Electric Hybrid Power Source

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As energy prices continue to rise, it’s a good idea to look for cost savings wherever you can find it. Hybrid electric engines are one method of cutting costs for fuel, using the power of gas and electricity to power aircraft and industrial machinery. Airports, construction contractors and other industry professionals will always appreciate the money they save for going green with lithium ground support equipment.

Cut Your Energy Costs

The businesses that thrive in the 21st century will be those that are able to quickly adapt to the changing energy landscape. The early adopters of valuable energy technologies like power supplies featuring a diesel electric hybrid GPU will have a leg up over their competition. This power source is towable for short or long distances, and it’s generally easy to use in situations where a tug is not readily available.

Running equipment that features a hybrid engine is not only beneficial for your company’s energy costs, but you can also reap the benefits of shrinking your company’s carbon footprint. Among these benefits is the ability to claim valuable tax credits from the federal government. The financial benefits of switching over to lithium ground support equipment are reason enough to switch over, but saving money is only the beginning of the value.

Wide Range of Applications

Because of their light weight, hybrid GPUs are perfect for airfields that service many craft. You can tow it where you need to provide mobile power all over your airfield. It is also useful to help power your construction site economically. You can use it to bring power to remote locations. The versatility of these devices is amazing.

Cut the Hassle of Getting Fuel Down

Getting fuel for your mobile generators is one of the biggest hassles with them. That is what makes these diesel electric hybrid power sources so valuable. You can cut your fueling needs down substantially. It is a lot more convenient to simply plug a device in than to go through the hazards that come with using petroleum-based fuels.

Switch to Diesel Electric Hybrid GPU

Businesses that make the switch to these hybrid power sources will love the multitude of benefits they gain. The flexibility and economy of mobile diesel electric hybrid power sources provide tremendous value. The advantages make GPUs so important that business owners switch over as soon as possible to reap the savings.


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Planes vs. Cars

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By Start Pac

                There are a lot of people who treat aircraft much like they do cars, after all, they do have the same general purpose of transportation. The only differences being that aircraft travel through the air and cars travel on land. In terms of machinery though, they are somewhat the same but also different. Aircraft can be a lot more complicated and there are a lot of controls that aircraft have that are not present in cars. Engines and motors can be similar in some senses but not all. One component is the same and that is the starter. Both starters run on electricity which comes from the vehicle’s battery, but what would happen if the battery gets discharged?

Portable starters

                This is where things start to get a bit hazy in terms of how to handle the situation. For cars, you just have to hook up some jumper cables to a car with a working battery, crank the ignition, and your car starts up just fine. However, this isn’t the case with planes. What you would need is a gas turbine start up equipped with the highest quality lithium batteries. These portable starters are a godsend and will never fail to help you out in sticky situations. Those special lithium batteries will take place as a power source for the starter, and given it’s high voltage capacities, starting the engines on your aircraft is never a problem. Save yourself a lot of trouble and grab a gas turbine start up today.

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5 Users for Ion Assisted Beam Deposition

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Many household products we use every day would be impossible if we didn’t have advanced technology to layer materials on at a microscopic level. The anti-glare lenses on our eyeglasses are just one of many intriguing applications of this technology. Using EBeam evaporation is part of the process, allowing engineers to apply thin coats of chemicals designed to help us see better or move without building up static electricity.


Light is always reflected when it passes through a transparent surface. Anti-glare agents help dampen the amount of light that is reflected. Ion beam assisted deposition is the simplest method of applying checmicals to the surface of a lense. These chemicals create a thin layer of refraction that can reduce light reflections to almost 2% of their untreated levels. Optometrists sometimes offer this coating with non-scratch coating that helps keep your lenses safe over time.


The surface of glass can be made even more reflective with a special coating designed to bounce light back. The effect is achieved by combining a high and low index coating. The layers are laid on the glass, and the smoothest glass makes the best mirrors. Of course, different effects are achieved by manipulating the thickness. So called “magic mirrors” are treated with chemicals that allow light to travel through one side, but reflect light on the other side.


Aside from the lenses we wear on our faces, lenses we use on cameras and on stage can be treated too. The effect is like colorization, where a lens can filter the light it captures according to the color that has been “stained” onto the surface. The process uses the same chemical lathing techniques, but the effect is very different. These colored lenses are designed to let light through, but that light shines through a colored pigment that alters how the human eye perceives it.


Anti-reflective coating on glass surfaces is a hallmark of stealth technology. These materials are made of diamond-like-carbon that is part of a special conductive coating. Combined with radar absorbing material, windows that have been treated with this process reflect the radar waves or turn them into heat sources rather than reflecting it back.

Other Uses

Using different layers of material, it is possible to reflect or absorb UV light from treated objects. Telescopes use this technology so that users don’t suffer harmful effects when star gazing. Aside from mirrors, reflective coatings can be useful in solar power, where heat and sunlight is absorbed and converted into energy for the home.


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