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Contrasting Facebook and Display Advertising

November 18, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

By Ted Dhanik 

Digital advertising is becoming more and more crucial for all different types of businesses today.  The internet is the only place in the world where advertisers and marketers can easily reach billions of people every day through the simple click of a mouse.  There are many different kinds of internet ads for businesses to use today.  Two of the most popular types of ads today are  Facebook ads and display ads.  This blog will explain the differences between the two and the advantages of each.

As the amount of Facebook users continues to rise every day, it has become a popular medium for online advertisements.  Facebook ads focus on generating a lot of traffic.  Facebook ads use a user’s past searches and stored information to create tailored ads.  These ads are designed specifically to interest and engage each particular user.  Facebook monitors and tracks what the user “likes” and follows on their account.  For example, if a client likes an airline’s page, the ads on their page will feature airline tickets and package deals.

Display ads function differently.  Display ads require more thought than Facebook ads.  Display advertisers invest time, energy, and money to research their target audience so that they can produce the most attractive ads.  These ads are designed to interest a specific audience.  Therefore, display ads are typically placed on websites that are targeted towards a particular demographic.

Facebook advertisements track the user’s activity patterns in the past.  In contrast, display ads predict the future actions of consumers.  Display ads also aim to convince the user to make certain choices.

Author bio: Guest post is provided by the president and co-founder of engage:BDR, Ted Dhanik.  Dhanik’s company serves other advertisers and helps them come up with cutting edge marketing strategies.  Ted Dhanik has over fifteen years of experience in marketing, business sales, and business development.  Ted Dhanik has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to banner and display advertising.

Be Worry-Free with Mercury

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We all have that dream that one day; we may be able to set sail across the sea as you disappear into the horizon. Traditionally, this luxury could only be afforded by the privileged few due to the extravagant price tag and ridiculous maintenance costs. These days however, with the surge of numerous generic brands, prices have dropped significantly and more people, who opted for the cheaper alternative, find themselves stranded in the middle of the sea.

Cheap and generic brands are okay if you simply plan to coast along the nearby shorelines and simply enjoy the feeling but there are times when you simply feel the sudden urge to go off into the far horizons to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil time in the middle of the ocean. This makes the issue of reliability paramount because there is a chance that you get stranded. If you’re planning to go off exploring, it would be best to have parts that you can trust, one of which is Mercury. Mercury produces the Mercruiser line, which are inboard engines. Mercury guarantees that theirMercruisersterndrives are built of the highest quality using only genuine Mercruiser parts. With genuine parts, you can rest assure that it will take you to wherever you need to go, safely.

With Mercury Mercruiser, you can be confident taking on different challenges. Although the initial costs are high, you can be certain that your Mercruiser can take you t o wherever you need to go. Be worry-free with Mercury.