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How PECVD Creates a Diamond-Like Film on Surfaces

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Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is a specific sputter disposition method, and a highly precise process that involves depositing thin films on a substrate. The film is unbelievably thin, anywhere from a few nanometers, to about 100 micrometers. It begins as a gas and through the process is eventually deposited in a solid state via a series of chemical reactions. The space between the reacting gasses is heated to such a high temperature, it is filled by plasma, the key state of matter that gives the coating such a hard and durable surface. Gas becomes plasma when a significant number of atoms and molecules are ionized. In this particular sputter deposition method, a radio frequency alternating current, or a direct current discharge between two electrodes creates the environment necessary to produce the film.  Energetic electrons enable many processes that wouldn’t be possible at lower temperatures. The vaporized gas condenses on the surface of the target in the form of a diamond-like film.

Benefits of PECVD include an increased film deposition rate with this method, as opposed to thermal/electron-beam evaporation. Despite the trade off a lack of uniformity, the film quality is still maintained. This procedure is very useful in semiconductor manufacturing and other temperature sensitive material that would otherwise be limited in a high pressure environment. The practical application that industries can capitalize on comes in a number of different forms. This film has a diamond like carbon quality that can be used for a variety of applications such as photo thermal conversion of solar energy, DLC coatings on sulphide windows, and carbon coatings to the surface of aluminum mirrors.

How to Launch an Internet Café Business

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Drive by your local convenience store or strip mall and chances are you will see an internet café business with computer games that resemble slot machines. In addition offering fun games, sweepstakes companies allow customers to buy computer time to browse the web, write an essay, print, copy, or fax. Snacks and cold drinks are also provided, and consumers love the whole package.

The sweepstakes café industry is booming, and a growing number of entrepreneurs throughout the nation are inquiring about how to set up sweepstakes companies or “parlors.” In North Carolina alone, nearly 800 sweepstakes companies have opened their doors to the public, reaping annual revenue reaching up to $500 million to $1 billion, according to the Charlotte Observer. If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs interested in launching your own sweepstakes parlor, now is the best time to carry out your goal.

The fastest route to launch an internet café franchise is to enlist the help of an internet café sweepstakes consulting group. In many cases, these consulting groups offer free services to help launch your business if you use the sweepstakes software companies within their network. These firms can provide experienced advice, introduce you to the industry, and help you select the best software and games on the market. Ultimately, the right internet café sweepstakes consulting group can provide you with unbiased advice while bringing down startup costs.