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Got Lojack?

March 25, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

If you are wondering how something like lojack, that was creating to help keep tabs on stolen electronics so that they could find the culprit that stole the item, can help with a transportation company, then you might need to continue reading for a bit of an eye opener.  Since lojack was created to help people keep track of things that got stolen, it can also help keep track of things that are not stolen but are at risk of being stolen – high value cargo for armored car convoys.  Companies that hire our armored cars for a living run the risk always of potential robbery – people want to steal things that cause other people to hire armored cars, things that require heavy security are always more appealing to thieves.  Getting something like a gps tracking system allows you to keep watch over all deployed units, as well as merchandise or money that are inside all units – you can even get a live camera feed from inside the vehicles via satellite.  These types of things are made possible by a gps tracking device installed in the trucks that transmits information in real time through a satellite to a computer that can be watched by a manager or managers in order to ensure that every pickup and delivery is occurring at the correct time and place, and to make sure that there are no unscheduled stops.  This can also allow the company to call police and alert them of suspicious activity.