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Tips on Shopping for a Spy Camera

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Getting a spy camera is probably a smart thing if you suspect mischief around the workplace or at home. A camera will give you evidence of what you have been suspecting all along however much you dislike it. It can also set your mind at rest.  A spy camera when well utilized is a very useful implement in protecting your workplace and home. There are so many different spy cameras that one could get confused when looking for one. But there are some key points to consider when looking for one.

Color and resolution is probably the top consideration in choosing hidden cameras. The quality of the image will determine what you can get from it. If the images are grainy and scratchy, they probably be of not much use. On the other hand, very high resolution images require a powerful lens which makes a camera more expensive. The storage medium for the recorded images should also be considered. A wired DVR is probably the best for storing large amounts of video but it has problems in concealment. You might want to try a camera that can hold a data card.

Of course the ability to conceal spy cameras is a consideration to be made. The camera should be of a size that can enable concealment in various gadgets and appliances. The color should not be conspicuous and should blend well. The camera should also be configurable to make no noises. Getting a combination of the points above right ensures you get value for your money.

Replacing Older Model FPE Circuit Breakers

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If you have recently bought a house that has FPE circuit breakers, you may be wondering if you will be able to find replacements. We had this concern when we bought a house that had been pretty much destroyed and gutted by the previous owner and vagrants while the house was empty. As we were finalizing the sale, we had an electrician out to give an estimate on the wiring that needed done. He told us that the circuit breakers were an older model and may be hard to find. I had never known it mattered one way or the other.

I had always figured you just went and bought new circuit breakers and installed them. Now I find out that even though the breaker may fit, it may cause damage to the whole system if not the same brand and model. Personally, I think it is a scheme to make people have to replace the whole box. Manufacturers discontinue models all the time. What about all the houses that already have that kind? Luckily, they can be refurbished.

The electrician we had for the estimate advised us to just replace the whole box and install newer model General Electric circuit breakers. We talked to a few other electricians and a few electric supply stores and decided to go with pre-owned, refurbished FPE breakers and not redo the whole box. We were already putting a lot of money into the house for repairs. We also bought ten extra breakers, just in case we needed to replace any more in the future.

Vutec Artscreen Review: Turn your TV into an Art

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Large HDTVs are becoming standard in any home. But what happens when the TV is turned off? Right now, you wind up with an ugly black box in your living room, family room or den. Now, imagine if instead of having a blank TV, you could have a beautiful photograph or fine work of art in its place? That’s now a reality thanks to the folks at Vutec and their expanded line of ArtScreen products that were on display at CES 2012.

Vutec’s ArtScreens are an innovative way to bring a touch of class to your living room. They feature retractable artwork that can be brought down to cover any blank TV. At CES, Vutec announced that they were expanding their product line to include a new Slim-Line version that works with flat screen TVs and other, slim TV models. This adds to the existing ArtScreen models that work with a variety of TVs.

ArtScreens are available in a wide range of attractive styles. Several of them were on display at CES and they were stunning. Vutec has licensed artwork from some leading contemporary painters including Elia Locardi, Jeff Ferst and Carol McKinley. Or, you can send in your own image. If you send Vutec a high-res image and a physical color copy, they can make a version to match anything you want.

You might have seen ArtScreens featured on cable TV shows such as “Man Caves.” Now you can get a piece of art for your own home. The ArtScreen costs about $5500.00

vutec artscreen at CES 20120
Vutec Frames

Wireless WiFi Speakers a Big Hit at CES

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Mobile technology and the Internet have changed the way that people listen to music. Instead of having to purchase a CD and play it on their stereo system, people can now download single tracks directly to their phone or stream a never-ending batch of tunes directly from sites such as Pandora and Spotify. But for people who rely on files and streaming sites for their music, hearing their songs on a great-sounding stereo system at home has always been a problem.

That isn’t the case anymore thanks to several companies offering WiFi Wireless Speakers. One of the hottest products at the recent CES 2012 show in Las Vegas was Altec Lansing LIVE 5000 WiFi Speaker. This wireless speaker uses WiFi technology to play music from any mobile device or computer. If you have a wireless Internet connection, you can play the music from your device through these ingenious speakers.

I was able to hear the speakers during the show and I can tell you that they sound great. The low end is thumping, the high end is strong and the mid-tones are warm – everything you would expect from a set of top-notch speakers. In fact, you wouldn’t know that the speakers are connected wirelessly instead of being hooked up to a CD player – there’s no loss of audio or “cutting out” at all.

The Altec Lansing LIVE 5000s work with any iOS or Android device along with computers. It can handle standard audio files such as MP3s along with playing music from streaming services including Pandora and Rhapsody. At the show, Altec Lansing said the speakers will be available for retail purchase this summer at a price of around $450. With the quality shown at CES, it’s something that any hardcore music fan will want to consider.

Below is a brochure we picked up at CES with more info.

wireless WI-FIAltec

Pleo the Pet Dinosaur Hits CES With a Roar

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One thing that all kids seem to share is a love of dinosaurs. Unfortunately, unless “Jurassic Park” becomes a reality, your kids will never have a chance to see their favorite dinosaurs up close. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a dinosaur for a pet. That’s the seemingly outrageous claim I heard when I went to Innvo Labs booth at the recent CES show. It turns out they weren’t dealing in DNA cloning but in real robotics, as they had created a robot dinosaur that they say could replace the dog or the cat.

Innvo Labs was showcasing Pleo RB (the RB is for “reborn”) at its booth and the miniature dino was one of the hits of the show. According to its makers, Pleo is just like having a real pet like a dog or cat and in some ways even better. Pleo won’t die and doesn’t need to go to the bathroom outside.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s just a toy. Pleo is able to recognize some voice commands and other react to sensory stimulation such as touch and temperature. It also requires special “food” and sleep. If you don’t treat Pleo well, he’ll be very sad until he gets what he needs.

Innvo Labs said that Pleo is available for a price of about $470, with apps such as the ability to care for your “pet” from afar coming soon. From what I saw, Pleo is incredibly lifelike and it’s almost impossible to tell that it’s a robot. It might not replacing Fluffy or Fido, but Pleo should have dino-crazy kids excited.

“Below are some pictures of the brochures we picked up at CES.”

Wow a $79 Tablet PC at CES! Is this for Real?

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Aionovo Novo7 Paladin Tablet PC
Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; you’re looking at a $79 Tablet Ice Cream Sandwich called the Ainovo Novo7 Paladin. Even though it’s the real deal, there is a catch. If you want to purchase this budget item you will have to do so in China. We ran into this at CES 2012. The Ainovo Novo7 Paladin, designed by MIPS Technologies, is now available in China, which means by the time it reaches your American hands it will cost you more than $79. The good news is that the company promises that a similar product will be coming to the States very soon, and it will be just as affordable. However, at the moment you can also purchase this on Amazon for $129.

While the budget-friendly tablet is no Galaxy Tab, it boasts a solid build. Its seven-inch screen is 800 x 480, ideal for casual gaming and watching YouTube videos. Furthermore, according to Engadget, MIPS said the U.S. version of the tablet might come with a higher resolution. The top of the tablet features three buttons: power, back, and menu. The right side of the table features a jack for the headphones, a mini USB port, volume buttons, and a microSD slot for enhancing the storage. The tablet currently boasts a whopping 8GB.

The interior of the tablet features a MIPS-based 1GHz single core processor and 512MB of RAM. It does not come with any fancy cameras or GPS. Consumers who want something that can handle videos and photographs can purchase the Novo7 basic for $99.

How To Get Affordable Marine Parts

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Getting marine parts at an affordable price is an art. Not every boat owner gets his boat part at the correct price. Dealers of boat parts know that many boat owners are ignorant on boat workings and technical details. This is true as many boat owners own them for leisure and they do not bother about the maintenance details. It is better that you ask someone who knows about boats to recommend where to shop for your parts. This ensures that you are looking for the correct part in the first place.

You can choose to go physically to a marine dealer and check out what he has and talk to a salesman face to face, which will give you more confidence. Alternatively, you could shop online for marine engines and other parts. This option gives you the advantage of quicker comparison among dealers for the best prices and payment plans. It is also possible to locate hard to get spares online from dealers in neighboring states. Shopping online gives you flexibility in searching but does not give you the touch and feel of what you intend to buy.

Whatever your choice of shopping method, it is better to be prudent and read on the fine print by the dealer. While some marine parts like Suzuki marine parts will have a good guarantee and warranty plan, you should remember there a lot other bogus parts out there. It is better to be careful than sorry. After all, in the sea your life will be on the line.

100 Booth Babe Pictures from CES 2012

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This year at CES 2012 in Las Vegas there were plenty of booth babes. Hot girls are hired by some companies to attract more visitors to their booths and no doubt it works due to majority of the techies being males. There were plenty of hot girls in bikinis, tight dresses, mini skirts and sexy outfits. When I was walking the floor, I spoke to a a few of these girls to find out more about their products, but most were not too familiar with their products and usually referred you to someone else.

Here we bring you 100 pictures of these hot booth babes from CES 2012.