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LEDs, Lumens & Lux

November 29, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Many times the brightness of a light is measured by its Lumens & Lux. However, Lumens and Lux only tell you how bright a light source appears to the human eye, not how well it will grow plants. In fact, the human eye is most sensitive to wavelengths of light which plants don’t need for photosynthesis. To the human eye, the colors green and yellow appear much brighter than the colors red and blue. While green wavelengths are reflected by plants, reds & blues are the primary colors used for photosynthesis. Lumen, therefore, can not accurately compare the plant growing capability of grow lights, especially when it comes to a LED grow light.

Traditional grow lights such as High Intensity Discharge (HID) have very high Lumens because they are not targeted to specific wavelengths like the LED growlights. Around 80% of the light coming out of these traditional light sources is either not absorbed by plants or is in the form of UV, or IR (heat). HID lighting can reach temperatures of over 1400 degrees F at the surface of the bulb. This excess heat then needs to be ventilated and directly translates into wasted energy that is included in a lumen rating.

Advances in LED technology have resulted in grow lights for indoor plants which follow the necessary photosynthesis activation radiation peaks. These LED Grow Lights exclude colors of light that are useful for human vision but not useful for plant growth. One great example is the 600 Watt LED Grow Light which reaches incredible levels of efficiency when compared to its 1400 Watt HID counterpart. With a power draw of only 480 Watts, this light is able to cover the same grow area with nearly one third of the power consumption.

All About Yamaha Marine Parts

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How Useful Are the Hidden Cameras for Business Owners

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As a business owner, gathering your employees as a little family sounds complicated, but it can be done. When you know you have a tight group of employees, other problems step in. Every business owner has the fear of being stolen from. This is why most of them rely on various techniques, such as hiring administrators, “fake” customers or even mounting cameras. But what about the hidden cameras? When people know they are watched, they avoid taking risks. You may even buy a fake camera. No one will want to try it out and see if it is fake or not. In order to make sure no one knows about your plans, your one and only option is a spy camera.

The spy cameras have evolved so much that they can be placed in anything, from a clock or a lighter to a puppet or a button. With such a gadget, you can definitely take a peak at your employees without them guessing what is going on. And when someone is sure there aren’t any “eyes” around, there is a stress-free environment with a little extra freedom. You know who the problematic employee causing trouble is or who the one responsible for the minuses is. The spy cameras are also useful when it comes to unpleasant work accidents. If you have it on tape, you know what happened and how to prevent it from happening again. Then what are you waiting for? The cameras are cheap and extremely useful for every business owner.

Cloud Computing and its Importance to Our Lives

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Many people have heard the term cloud computing, but few completely understand it. There is almost a certain chance that most people today have used or had some sort of contact with a cloud system, even though it does not appear that way initially. The idea itself is very different from conventional computers, but there are only a few important things to understand about the system.

The basic idea behind cloud computing is to make everything portable. In a perfect world, no matter what computer or place the individual accesses the information they get to the same software and the same files. Instead of a single computer server where the information is stored, it is stored in pieces across many systems. This removes the reliance of one machine for a specific user or task, optimizing computing power and storage over a wide array of systems.

Many people are already a part of a cloud system without even knowing. In an effort to provide more email storage space, most providers have adapted a cloud model which has allowed users many gigs of storage. Web based word processors are also a cloud service, which allows for document storage and processing within an account. This allows for a more streamlined lifestyle, relying on a simple online account rather than a specific computer system to organize their digital life.

While there are already many systems that implement this style, the only item that has not had a wide implementation yet is cloud processing. The Chromebook, released by Google, is a laptop computer that has very little local storage. All the programs and file storage is accessed through a web browser, which allows the notebook to be produced for less expensive. The problem as of now is that the notebook still needs good local processing power to run applications and perform thinking tasks.

With these systems comes better service for businesses too. Instead of focusing on the performance of individual systems, IT departments can setup portals to remotely access the systems. This allows for a bug within the software to be corrected once, instead of many times across a wide array of computers. In this setup, the system does not have to be powerful or anything else special besides having a simple web browser that is included with every system imaginable.

The additional requirement is the need to test and maintain the system. An outage can be devastating to a company, so performance testing must be performed for reliability. These tests give an overview of how the server responds to different workloads, and prevents outages and slowdowns from occurring. This is the same for the software itself, requiring mobile app testing to ensure the same experience across the many different types of platforms that access the cloud.

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