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Studio Center: An easy answer to your audio, music and video production needs.

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Life without sound or pictures is like a joke without a punch line! No matter what your business is, at some point you will want some advertising and promotional material to enhance your trade. Imagine watching Jaws without the theme music or Coke without an “it’s the real thing” jingle. It just would not be the same without the audio production.

Acquiring the services of a production company seems a daunting and expensive task. However, it need not be, if you log onto This company is hip and fun to do business with and you can have a TV commercial for $595.

The benefits of good quality audio production are often underestimated. How often have you been irritated by poor diction on the “Please hold…” message or by a radio announcement that is poorly constructed? This is certainly not what you want from your company. Studio Center has professional voice actors and numerous copywriters, all capable of helping you to achieve your objectives efficiently. They can do anything from foreign language translations to voice-overs.

Life is not a silent movie – there is always a sound track – be it nature noises, a jingle or songs of association. Music production by Studio Centre can be tuned to your needs –let them compose original music for you to make a real impact on your audience.

The ultimate tool is video production: Studio Center has a total production center that can conceptualize, write, shoot, edit, voice, cast the talent, and handle all the production. Your training, HR and promotional videos or TV commercials can be done wherever you wish – on location or in studio as Studio Center employs over 700 skilled staff and has fully equipped studios and associated crews around the country.

Studio Center has won numerous awards in music, video and audio production, yet they are more than willing to take on your needs be they big, small, complex or simple. They take the hassle out of production and let you get on with your core business.

Louise Erasmus

26 October 2011

Does Your Car Have a Custom Pressure Sensor?

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Your car will tell you if something is wrong with the oil pressure sensing in the vehicle, but what allows your car to know these types of thing?  Does it have something like a pressure temperature transducer that allows it to test the temperature of the oil to ensure that it doesn’t get too hot and cause problems with the vehicle?  Yes, it does.  Does your car have a custom pressure sensor that tells you when your oil is too low, or two hot?  No, it does not!  Your car does have a small gauge that will allow it to take measurements of the levels of oil, but it has nothing that can sense several different qualities of the custom pressure sensor.  A custom pressure sensor can sense more than just the pressure, and it will keep you safer because it will allow you to detect problems in your car before they cause serious issues with the engine. 

So are you interested in saving money in your car by installing special sensors to detect problems before they compromise your engine?  Well that is definitely being proactive, and will save you a lot more money that you may think in the long run.  You will be better prepared for things like road trips, because you have installed sensors to tell you when something is wrong, while others may end up broken down along the side of the road because they didn’t have your insight.

Need Control? Get GPS Vehicle Tracking!

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I know we’ve all seen the epic movies in which the silly bank robbers steal the bank truck for their getaway vehicle, and then the good guys simply flip the switch and the little gps vehicle tracking device on the bottom of the truck switches on.  Then we all know what happens, thanks to satellites and fleet gps tracking, the good guys sweep in and catch the robbers before they even get a chance to spend a dollar – the end!  And it was all thanks to the fact that the bank in question was involved in fleet tracking, to ensure that all of their trucks make it to their designated arrival locations, and that there are no unexpected detours along the way.   This is extremely important for companies shipping sensitive materials, like money, or files of high importance, but it can also prove beneficial for companies not involved in this type of work as well.  Tracking systems can help trucking companies keep track of drivers’ progress and log miles, conditions, and a number of other data points. 

If you are interested in having a little more hands on approach with your employees, then tracking systems might be worth looking into for your business.  They allow you to have more power over your employees in that you can monitor their progress while they are out of your sight, which is very helpful to ensure that they are working just as hard when you can see them as they are when you cannot.

With Blu Cig’s Batteries and Cigarettes, It’s Possible to Smoke Inside

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One of the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes is Blu Cigs. The e-cigarette maker is known for boasting that all the ingredients found in the “juice” of its techie cigarettes are made in the U.S.A. That’s definitely something to be proud of, and many consumers find comfort in knowing that the products they buy are American-made; it’s no secret that manufacturing undergoes greater scrutiny if it’s carried out inside America’s borders.

But one advantage of Blu Cigs that most certainly does not get past any of its users is that the electronic cigarettes make it possible to “smoke” in places where it’s a forbidden activity. E-cigarettes do not break laws prohibiting smoking because smoking electronically does not involve smoke. Blu Cigs light up, and their “juice” is inhaled, but the only thing that is released is water vapor that has some nicotine. So, will a battery pack be involved the next time you light up?

Help Writing Java

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If you are into computer programming or would like to be able to write your own program, you would do well to use the computer programming language, java. It enables you to use English based commands instead of numeric codes to write computer instructions. As with any language, it has syntax, a set of rules that determines how the instructions must be written. Break these rules and your program will not work because the instructions cannot be translated by java into numeric codes that computers understand.

The first step you must take is to download and install the Java Development Kit. Once you have done this, you can write your own java-based software on one platform and then use it on many platforms. You can also create a program to run within a web browser and web services. However, what do you do if your program will not work? It is simple – you get help writing and coding java. With over 6.5 million software developers using java, help is available.

There are various ways that you can get java help. You can visit a java developer’s website; you can subscribe to java newsletters, use a java tutorial or utilise various java-training opportunities. Perhaps the best way, though, is to combine the old with the new. In other words, use a personal tutor for your help writing java, but use this person online. You simply go to LivePerson on the web that will connect you with a Java expert. You then chat to the expert, explain what java help you need, ask for a quote, hire the expert and then watch and learn while the expert fixes the syntax errors and gets your program to work.

There really is nothing to stop anyone who is interested in the computer-programming world from using java.

Louise Erasmus

How To Have A Home Theater Of Your Own

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Having your own home theater is easier than you think. It is a wonderful way to gather your friends and family to watch movies in an affordable way. More and more people are using spare rooms, dens, and even basements to create an enjoyable, comfortable place to view their favorite films, television shows, and even big sporting events. You can turn almost any room in your home into a home theater with some equipment and comfortable seating. You will no longer bother going to costly, loud and uncomfortable movie auditoriums. You will have everything you need right in your own home.

The first thing you will want to invest in is a basic equipment theater system. You will see how common it is to have big name manufacturers sell a packaged theater set up that will include speakers, surround sound receivers, cable, cords, and sometimes a DVD player. This is typically the most affordable way to get your theater going. Of course, the most important aspect will be a large screen TV. Flat screens are cheaper than ever and you can now choose between front projection, rear projection, and direct view options. It is recommended that you invest in an HDTV capable screen. This will give you detailed, crisp image viewing.

Comfortable seats will be almost just as important. This is a big reason people stay home to watch their favorite movies, shows, and sporting events. Depending how much space you have, you may want to go with something completely different from just a boring old couch. There are a number of manufacturers who make comfortable, plush home theater chairs exactly to your liking. You will have the option to pick home theater seats in the size, material, and color that fits your taste and style. You can also get special features on your home theater chairs, such as reclining seats, and built in cup holders.

When it comes to picking the room you want to turn into a home theater, any room can do just fine. If you have an option in choosing, go with a room that can offer you great sound and viewing options. Pick a room that is big enough to have ideal viewing distance. Also important, is a room that has a door and insulated walls. A good surround sound audio system can get extremely loud, and you may need to be considerate of other people in your home. As for lighting, you don’t want too much light to hit your screen while you are watching movies. Be sure you pick a room that can be darkened easily with heavy curtains.

Having your own home theater is easier and more affordable than ever. Great audio and visual equipment and comfortable roomy seating will have you staying home to enjoy your favorite films more than ever.With just a few simple purchases you can have a fun and comfortable place that you and your friends and family can enjoy.

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LED Clocks Make Cooperation Much Easier

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The LED clock has come a long way. Synchronizing times has never been such a breeze because an Ethernet jack is all that’s necessary to make this type of clock tick; the AC plug is superfluous. Digital clocks deliver precise and accurate time readings and are updated automatically through a network connection. Switch to digital clocks and you’ll be able to get multiple clocks in synch in no time and without breaking a sweat.

The moment is right for stepping into modern time. Get everybody on the correct hour, minute, and second with the assistance of an easily updateable clock. All home and office clocks can correspond and keep family and team members in pace with one another. When coordinating matters, nothing beats digitalism. If everybody is on the right time, harmony and concurrence are much less difficult to come by. And for getting things done, nothing beats cooperation. Try and LED clock for yourself.