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Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

September 25, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

People who have jobs dealing with transportation in any kind of way should invest in GPS fleet tracking systems.  It doesn’t matter if you are a small businessman, who wants to monitor your drivers out on their pizza runs.  Or, if you own a traveling sales company and want to only reimburse your driver’s gas use involving business matters, or if you own trucks and need timely deliveries, all these jobs and more can be aided by use of real time GPS tracking


Imagine how easy it would be to map out delivery routes, determining where drivers are at any given time, and making sure that they are doing their job in a timely and efficient manner.   These systems are not expensive and will save your company time and money in the end.  With GPS, drivers can manage their routes.  This ensures faster and safer delivery.  A GPS can also aid a lost driver, or help them determine a route that will avoid traffic thereby earning more money for their company.  Companies who want to monitor activity of business associates, can easy look at where they are, the routes they have taken, and how much time they have spent doing business or using the company car.  With fleet tracking systems, large truck companies can view the progress an individual driver is making in delivering their shipment.  GPS is a great investment for almost and businessperson. 

Outboard Parts Catalogs Have Great Selection

September 11, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

When purchasing boat part and accessories, it is important to buy from a knowledgeable, qualified distributor. Marine outboard parts are important items for your boats and other watercraft. Thus, it is important to be sure that what you are purchasing is high quality and meant to last. Furthermore, it is important that you are sure that what you are purchasing is what you need. Thus, it is best to buy from companies that have helpful, experienced staff personnel that are qualified to answer your questions when it comes to buying parts. Outboard parts catalogs are helpful in determining what piece of equipment is needed. Such a catalog provides drop down menus to help you determine what exactly is needed. You may search these categories by menus or by simply entering a serial number found on your engine, transom plate, or stern drive.

Yamaha marine parts, as well as other high end brands are available for purchase. These brand parts are guaranteed to perform at a high level. They meet and exceed OEM specifications and are able to meet your needs. These parts include marine engines, marine exhaust systems, marine cooling systems, and other boat accessories that are set a price to fit your budget. By searching by part number,

serial number, or other general categories, you will easily locate the many marine parts available to fit your watercraft and accommodate its needs. When purchasing things like marine engines that require knowledge and assembly, service teams are available to help you walk through the process of installation.