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Why GPS Tracking is Excellent For Your Company

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It was about two to three decades ago that the GPS system was mainly used as the Department of Defense’s primary navigation system.  And only recently has it been released to the public for personal and commercial purposes.

And with a slew of applications springing up over the last few years, GPS tracking has established itself as a force to be reckoned with, thanks to the variety of purposes that it can be used for.

Take for example, the ability to track a fleet of vehicles that travel in different routes constantly, thanks to several satellites that are able to provide accurate coordinates and time to know a person’s location.  This is also known as fleet tracking.

What this also means is that with this tracking data, you should be able to optimize routing, and thus also be able to determine the amount of time that will take for a vehicle to reach a particular destination, and schedule your fleet accordingly.

And while this not only cuts down the cost of paying drivers overtime, it also stops staff from taking unscheduled breaks as well.  This, therefore, means lesser costs as well as greater productivity.

So you can imagine how useful it is to attach that little GPS tracking device to your car as this will not only change the way insurance companies view your organization but also how you are able to be profitable as well.

Need Suzuki Marine Parts and Accessories?

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Almost every sailor can’t wait to set sail when they reach the port, and in not being able to do so (thanks to their fervor to sail the seven seas) this can be often be a frustrating experience. Of course, seasoned sailors might be held back for several reason pertaining to repair, customs or even rough seas but for those who sail their boats as a hobby, there’s no doubt that the single biggest reason as to why they aren’t able to do so is due to the fact that they aren’t able to find the Yamaha marine parts that can fix their boat.

So what do you do if you find that your boat isn’t in “running condition”?

The first thing that you will do is head out to the nearest store to find these parts, no matter how tough it is to find these parts. And while there is a possibility that you might not be able to find these parts at the store, you can find anything from Suzuki marine parts to accessories at specific internet sites.

Yes, with several sites now offering you not only detailed information but also the prices that are involved in purchasing boat accessories and parts, you can now order your Mercury marine parts quite easily without having to worry about not being able to source them from anywhere else.

Best Free Data Recovery Tool

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Losing data from your hard drive can be a very annoying experience, as you may know. But, unless your hard drive was destroyed completely, there is a good chance that you can recover your data by using special tools, designed for such an occasion.
Here we will talk about some of the free tools that can be used for data recovery. It doesn’t matter if you deleted all the data by accident from your computer or from the SD card. Using the right tools allows you to recover any sort of data lost or deleted from your hard drive.
data recovery

One option for you would be to use Ubuntu Live CD, which doesn’t recover your files from the hard drive, but it does allow you to boot up your computer with it. If you Windows installation is messed up, an Ubuntu Live CD might be just what you need to fix it.

O&O Format Recovery is a software that I’ve used in the past on a number of occasions and it did the trick every single time, recovering all the files that I’ve lost.

Recuva is a great app to use. I actually tested it against another tool, SpinRite, and it did a much better job at recovering files. It’s also free, while SpinRite isn’t.
GetDataBack is my favorite tool actually, beating even Recuva. During one especially nasty week I lost four hard drives and the only tool that got me through that period and helped me recover the files was GetDataBack. It was the absolute best tool that I’ve tried during that period, and I tried a lot of them.
If the hard drive has physical problems, the best tool to use is GetDataBack. A freeware application will not help you as much. If you haven’t experience such problems until now, consider yourself lucky.

75 year old woman cuts off Internet access to Armenia

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On March 28th, a 75 year old woman who was trying to steal copper cable, cut into a fiber optic cable that provided internet access to most of Armenia and Georgia, leaving millions of people without internet access for a period of 12 hours.

Stealing copper cable, is common practice in Armenia, were many poor look for ways to make money. back 15-20 years ago, when Armenia had a major earthquake and went though a major recession, many trees were cut in the streets and used as fire wood in the winter, leaving almost non-existent trees in most Armenian cities.

Aishtan Shakarian, who lives in a small village near Georgian capital Tbilisi, was arrested by Georgian police. When she cut into the fiber optic lines and alarm went up, providing approximate location of the problem. When Georgian police arrived, the old lady was still digging for cable with a shovel.

Some Armenian internet companies switched to alternative internet lines from Iran, but others were down for the full 12 hours of the interruption.

The Georgia section of the international cable, which is called the country’s West-East fiber-optic backbone, is laid underground along railway tracks and operated by Georgia’s state railway company and its partners. The line comes to Georgia from Bulgaria, crossing the Black Sea to the Georgian port of Poti. It later forks into Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The woman admitted to cutting the lines and surrounded to police. The police think although the woman was arrested, she may not spent much time in jail due to her age and may be given a break.

Affordable Web Site Monitoring Services

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Does your website get hacked on a regular basis? Are you tired of dealing with the downtime to your business caused by website problems? You’re not alone. Millions of e-commerce companies deal with the headaches of downtime, exploits and black listings.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find an affordable solution for startups and small businesses who want to fix website issues, test out their sites and track performance. But we’ve found one company that offers premium web site monitoring services at affordable prices, 1st Warning.

A low-cost solution for web site monitoring services, 1stWarning tests your web services for all the major causes of downtime without the use of additional modules to enable multiple test types. Instead, the company uses a global network of monitoring stations to test your web services and alerts you when your website, email, DNS or other services are unavailable, hacked or have been blocked. The company offers comprehensive web site performance monitoring at a simple, affordable price.

For example, if the monitor is for a website, the company tests the website to check if it is up and functioning, it has not been improperly redirected, the content has not changed unexpectedly, If you have a SSL certificate, that it is valid, not expired or not about to expire, your DNS settings have not been hijacked, If your site is not on a major domain block list and your site has not been listed as a phishing site (used by all major browsers).

To learn more about 1stWarning web site monitoring services, please visit

How Hidden Cameras Can be Beneficial

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Spy cameras have always been part of the allure that captures an audience’s imagination when it comes to James Bond movies. The truth is that most men who love the Bond movies have always envied the movie star who has played the role due to the women, the thrills, and the gadgets that were associated with these movies.

Well, it is not just in the movies where the use of a spy camera is depicted but also in real life situations.  Actual spies during the Cold War used these devices to capture important information so that the United States could gain the upper hand over its enemy.

Yet it is not all about spies as these cameras have become a normal part of our lives in the form of hidden cameras.  There are many purposes for which these cameras can be used.  They have been customized for over the last few decades as the technology progresses at breakneck speed.

But where can you find these cameras if you wish to purchase them for a reason that is best not revealed?

One place where you can find them is at certain sites over the Internet that will not only offer you the best prices but will also provide you with detailed information before you make your purchase, and keeping this in mind, you can take your time with what you want to buy.

Google buys travel software company

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Government gave Google clearance to purchase a travel software company called ITA Software for $700 Million dollars.

Google is looking to launch a travel engine to search for airfare and hotels. This technology will enable Google to compete with sites such as Hotwire, Expedia and Kayak.

Google is becoming a monopoly in search, so the Justice Department had to look at this acquisition very carefully, but they gave their clearance

Google offered a hint about what could be coming in a blog post Friday. It suggested that by simply typing in “flights to somewhere sunny for under $500 in May” into Google, a user would get not just a set of links but also flight times, fares and a link to sites for buying the trip.

Where You Can Find Cheap Roaming

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Most travelers who make trips abroad on business almost every other day seem to find one issue when they travel: seamless mobile services. There is also a struggle with higher expenses when it comes to staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

So is there an option to find cheap roaming which also provides excellent service no matter which country you visit?

Yes, and one place where you can find these options is at particular sites over the Internet that not only offer you a unique international mobile phone but also give you the best deals when it comes to receiving and making calls in the countries that you wish to visit shortly.

These offers are unique to the customer’s needs and, therefore, if you do decide to purchase one of these roaming SIM cards along with the phones, you will find that you will get seamless service in the countries that you are visiting not to mention your local telecommunications provider would have charged you much more for not-so-great service either.

In being able to find these options, you can not only address this concern immediately but you put your mind at ease just in case you are not too happy with your present local service. All in all, what this means is that you should be able to get the best deals while also enjoying the best service at the same time.

Use Tinfoil To Boost Your Remote Control Range

April 5, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

A lot of people know how well some tinfoil works when used on a Wi Fi Router. It boosts their power considerably, so why not try it on other electronics? Read on to find out how to use tinfoil to modify the power of a remote control, to enhance the reach. The tinfoil is actually place inside the remote control, so pay attention if you want to see how to do it.

It’s too bad that the guide that I’m talking about can’t be embedded, since the video doesn’t allow it. It has around 48 seconds of video in it. What he says in the video, is to unsnap the remote control easily, open it, tap down the infrared LED leads with some electrical tape. Next, make a small bed of tinfoil on the point where the LED snaps together. According to Kay, this will work well with any type of remote control. Still, there is always the chance that it might not work, so think twice before you start opening up your remote control. It could be harder to piece back together later. Still, imagine all the things you can do if you have a remote control that has an increased range. Do it on an universal remote control for example and you can mess with the neighbor’s TV from a distance.

If you tried the tricks presented in the video, let us know in the comments below. Did you have good experiences or bad? Did you manage to make it work?