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Need Suzuki Marine Parts?

March 30, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

While it is one thing to sit at home on quiet evening doing perfectly nothing, there is also a great thrill in being able to sail the seas.  Just floating off to nowhere provides a thrill to those who are still young at heart.

Yet this briny pleasure can be brought down to a grinding halt when you cannot find the Suzuki marine parts that have been out of stock at the nearest marine parts dealer.

Though you may find what you need at some marine shop, you can be sure to source out the parts that you need over the Internet. By surfing the Internet and visiting various sites will you be able to find anything from the outboard parts catalog all the way to the accessories that you need to purchase for your sail.

Since your purchase will be delivered in a few days at a very low cost, you will find yourself setting sail again in a matter of time rather than sitting around doing nothing just because you cannot find those quicksilver marine parts for your boat.

Vista Shutdown Timer

March 29, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Vista Shutdown Timer is a small program that doesn’t occupy a lot of space and it allows you to shut down your computer at an hour specified in advance. Another bonus that I enjoyed in this software was that it faded down the volume of the computer, allowing you to remain asleep as this happens. This small piece of software is made only for Windows.

This software doesn’t need to be installed, so it’s more than easy to do. First, pick a time period that you want to pass before the computer will automatically shutdown. You also have the option to order it to go in standby mode at the specified time. After you select all the options, use Run Timer to finish the configuration. What I loved about the sound fade was that I usually run music on my PC, so instead of cutting it all of a sudden, the music fades when the computer shuts down. This way I don’t wake up when the computer closes. It takes quite a bit of time for me to get asleep, and music helps me, so this little utility comes in handy.

This piece of software is absolutely free to download. Vista Shutdown Timer will work well on XP, even though the name suggests that it’s made only for Vista. If you have used the software on another OS, or you have another experience with those we tested, let us know in the comments. WinOff is a software that does about the same thing as Vista Shutdown Timer. ShutdownGuard is another piece of software, that doesn’t allow automatic updates to shut down your PC. Both are very useful utilities if you’re looking for something like that.

All the utilities mentioned here should help you if you need to shut down your PC automatically.

How a Spy Camera Can Help You

March 29, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

If you still think that the spy camera is still confined to the James Bond movies or the regular releases of spy flicks that abound these days, nothing can be further from the truth. And while we all want to be James Bond or even Batman with all those cool gadgets, these devices takes on a life of their own especially since they have been designed for both serious and naughty purposes these days.

In contrast to the proverbial pranks that you might want to play on your closest friend, you can find spy cameras for home especially if you think your baby-sitter or even your husband is up to no good. And while the evidence gleaned from these cameras are undeniable, the good thing is that you are aware of what’s happening while no one else knows. And that’s control for you!

While there are spy cameras that are concealed in watches and pens among other devices and are a popular item for investigative journalist among other folks who can find the video taken to be have a positive (read: revealing) impact for the better, there are other types of cameras for safety and protection and so on and so forth.

No matter what you need a concealed camera for, you will find them easily over the internet, and this will mean that you are able to safeguard your interests without a hitch.

Why World SIM Cards are a Better Option?

March 23, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

So what is it that you need when you are planning to go away on a vacation or business trip?

While most people assume that it is about the traveling arrangements, finding a way to get seamlessly connected is also one of the best things that you can do just in case someone needs to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

There are those who would not mind incurring large expenses by carrying their own phone with them.  But for those who are cost-conscious, you can find that international cell phones not only offer you cheaper rates but also give you a service that is considered seamless by many who have used it before.

Since you might also be curious to know whether this international cell phone service is really that good, you may want to learn more about this service.  There are particular sites over the internet that offer different plans for traveling people who with different needs.

This service has worked out very well for a lot of people that these world SIM cards have become must-haves every time they are away on their trips.