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GPS Fleet Tracking Device makes Fleet Business Flee

November 21, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Satellite tracking is an important aspect in any big businesses involving transportation or vehicles. The satellite is used as a system and means to providing up-to-date information regarding any asset that is in motion. Cargo and other fleet business are one of the most challenging businesses to keep given the high cost for maintenance, labor, communication and other overhead expenses. Not to mention accidents and other unexpected events that may cause these companies to pay for damage. This happens when accidents come up or wrong directions are taken during travel.


Providing reliable information ensures that everything is in the right track and that everything is going well. If not, unless it can be automatically detected with the help of a GPS tracking device attached to the vehicles or any moving asset. Although it can be quite expensive, buying these devices would later give a good return to the business as other overhead expenses will be lessened by using them. The GPS device can store data and or transmit data to a database, providing a real time display or update about the asset; thus saving time, energy and resources in monitoring and updating.

All gps fleet tracking devices are used in providing precise mapping and minute-by-minute updates on the location of the vehicles including their usage and status so that discrepancies in tracking report are avoided. Each fleet tracking devices has a complex real-time locator with telemetry features that pass the requirements of the Department of Transportation. Using the devices, operating heavy duty trucks and long haul are no longer a worry.

Cell Phone Recycling Service

November 7, 2010 by · Leave a Comment cell phone recycling giant is launching a new site in the US for cell phone recycling. It will be called The site will be a \comparison shopping service that will compare several cell phone recycling services and provide users with various options as far as what company to pick and who pays the best.

We are assuming the US website will be very similar to the UK website, so here we will tell you some of the features that the UK website offers, which hopefully will be the same in the US version. When you search for the phone brand that you want to recycle, you are presented with several different vendors that will buy your phone. The results display the vendors in a chart side by side and rank them with the highest paying first. In another column it will also let you know if any of the vendors will pay for a non-working phone and if so how much. They also display if any of the vendors will send you a pre-paid postage bag and also display user rating in a 5 star rating systems. If there are any reviews you can also click on the reviews button to read them. Payment methods are also displayed in a different column.

The UK site also features a page on most popular phones and another on most valuable phones. It also has a page on recent sales.

Personally, I have 3 old phones in the house sitting around. I had never thought of recycling them and making some extra bucks. But once i found out about this service, I cannot wait for it to get launched so I can make some extra money. I did a quick search for my Samsung Blackjack II shows that I can get £14.00 or about $22.66 US Dollars. Not bad!

What to Look for When Shopping for Electronics Online

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When it comes to buying computer electronics, it’s easy to get confused — especially when you are shopping online. With so many different sites available offering similar products, it can be difficult to make a decision when buying technically complex items like a USB IDE converter. With that in mind, here are a few things to consider when shopping for home electronics online:

Return Policies: You want to make sure that the shop you are using has a generous return policy. Will you be able to return a docking station and get your money back, or only get a store credit? Will they take opened items? And what is the time frame for returns?

Warranty: While you might be offered a warranty from the manufacturer when you purchase a product like a video splitter, online shopping sites can also offer their own warranties. Sites like offer additional warranties of one year or more, sometimes with more generous terms than manufacturer’s warranties.

Payment Options: A quality online site will allow to you pay with services like PayPal along with using credit cards.

Commercial fleet tracking with GPS

November 2, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

GPS technology has permeated many areas of everyday life and become very useful to all of us. It has become a very useful technology in many industries as well. The ability to conduct commercial fleet tracking has been in particular a very valuable addition to many fleet owners.

Primarily this helps with keeping an eye on where the vehicles and drivers have been, where they are going and where they are right now. This in turn helps the company estimate how long goods will take to arrive at a destination or how long the driver will take to get back. This also helps to improve discipline and keep drivers in line when they come up with explanations as to why they were late. A relatively cheaper solution is the usage of cell phone gps tracking. However, this method has limitations and is not very tamper proof.

Another great use for this device is tracking vehicles when they are stolen. Although the lojack system already does this quite well, GPS can take it several steps further. It does not need any detection devices to be close to find it. In fact, the detection devices are far above the Earth covering the entire globe. This enables any vehicle to be tracked anywhere in the world, provided that the device has not been removed. This enables you to virtually see where the vehicle is on a map and with an accuracy of a few feet, which is something that lojack cannot do for you.