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GPS Solutions for Municipal Fleets

May 28, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

To compete in the current economy, municipal fleet departments must have the resources to track, analyze and know their costs. Whether you need the ability to create exact public transportation schedules or better monitor your employees, advanced service software and hardware such as GPS tracking fleet management solutions are crucial in developing a business model that will successfully execute your projects.

One of the most advanced GPS tracking devices on the market today is the Tracker 5000 Dual. Unlike other tracking devices, the T5000D offers seamless, real-time tracking with both cellular and satellite coverage. This means that even if the T5000D leaves cellular coverage, it will switch to satellite mode and will continue reporting updates. This GPS tracking device can provide users with important tracking information (including real-time tracking and reporting with historical reports and trails) at a schedule rate of every 30 minutes to once per day.

Ideal for cars, trucks, boats and heavy equipment, the T5000D can trim down overhead costs associated with fleet maintenance, billing mistakes, excessive fuel consumption and many other reasons. If you would like to improve your services as well as employee productivity, contact Global Tracking Communications, Inc. for more information on the T5000D and other real time GPS vehicle tracking devices. 

Finding a high def camcorder

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svpcam1Just with all products, you can find a range of camcorders that can be considered low-tech as compared to the proverbial high def camcorder that professionals use as they go about their business on a daily basis.

Finding one of these beauties at a discounted price means better sound and clarity of picture that will definitely make a difference when it comes to their work, although if one bears in mind this point, it will tell you that money should not taken as a factor when purchasing a professional digital camcorder.

It is a fact that most professional camera men opt for the ‘old school’ film instead of the digital options that is available these days because it provides that realistic and rugged look unlike the highly polished digital images that one can take with any digital camera.

And since film is perishable compared to digital images stored on a computer, every professional photographer knows that it very important to keep copies of his or her work for as long as possible, and for some that could mean lasting them a lifetime.

For this, 35mm slide scanners can be used to quickly convert your slides and negatives into digital copy (instead of going the long way using normal scanners) without even needing a computer either. And does it work for folks for whom time is of the essence!

The bottom line being that every professional photographer should have equipment that allows him or her the leeway to spend his efforts on ‘taking the shot’ rather than wasting his time on technical issues!

What is the Samsung Wall Mount?

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samsungparts1Of course, you’ve bought your latest television set but now you feel the need to position it in your living room in such a way that it can be viewed comfortably from all parts of the room.

Nothing can work better than the stylish yet easy-to-install Samsung Wall Mount not unless you’d like to make regular visits to the local chiropractor.

Yet another much needed accessory that sometimes can cost just as much as a printer are the cartridges which contain the ink to print out documents and so on and so forth. But very few people hear about the Samsung Waste Toner Container that is an important element of any printer. The thing is that much like most parts, this container needs replacement while the toner that is wasted and collected in this container, has to be discarded as well.

One can expect less than favorable results if these guidelines are not followed.

The Samsung Water filter is now an accessory that gives its user the ability to obtain pure water from their refrigerator. However, this is not an accessory that needs to be bought only once but needs to be changed every 300 gallons of water have been purified.

Most experts recommend that these filters should be changed every six months as the impurities cannot be stopped, and which will result in the consumer drinking the impure that he or she would like to avoid in the first place.

One way or another, whether you have heard about these products or not, one can buy them at nominal prices that will work to your advantage.

Quality Standards of ISO 9000

May 16, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

caliso9000-1It would be safe to assume that customers always choose a product or service from a brand rather than an unrecognized player in the market. There are times when we prefer finding bargains at the local flea market instead of going down to the mall, but that’s only for items that are within our budget and that we don’t expect to last too long either.

The difference between the two (in both cases) is the quality of the product offered, and often the quality standards to be met is measured by the ISO 9000 that is used to determine whether or not a particular service provider or product manufacturer follows effective procedures in putting out products or services of the highest standard.

Most recognized brand names in the market have gone through the rigorous auditing standards conducted by the International Organization for Standardization, and have not been found wanting. In other words, they have passed the stringent requirements of the audit, and in doing so are certified.

ISO 9001, which is a combination of ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003, was released in the year 2000 that put process management at all levels of management under scrutiny instead of just inspecting the quality of the final product. And since most small or medium-sized companies would like to get these certifications under their belt in order to build their brand, it is important to get acquainted with the ISO auditing process and guidelines with the assistance of an ISO 9000 Consultant.

Cal Net Technology Group Announces Education IT Peer Group

May 5, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

IT consultant in Los Angeles Cal Net Technology Group announced earlier this month the launch of a new initiative to help the ongoing advancement of technology in the private education sector. According to the company press release, the Cal Net Education Peer Groups (CNEPG) will organize “group discussion and accountability among peers who share the same needs at their respective educational institutions.”

The first CNEPG meeting, led by Cal Net’s chief executive officer Zack Schuler, will be held at Cal State Northridge on Tuesday May 4, 2010. The event will cover various topics on Los Angeles and Orange County IT support including distance learning and current/future plans around delivery and support; how to implement the utilization of students and faculty as helpdesk support; how to implement the one laptop per student initiative; and how to best allocate IT budgets.

“We look forward to collaborating with our Education IT clients in order to help shape the technology needs of the private education sector, particularly as administrators look for cost-effective and efficient ways of utilizing internal resources,” said Schuler in the company press release. “Cal Net currently participates in a similar style peer group for the IT Services industry and we have been leaders in that group for over four years. Because of this experience we feel as though we are in a good position to bring this model to our partners in education.”
Unlike most IT companies in Los Angeles, Cal Net provides small to mid-size companies in Southern California with technology consulting and IT computer services. Learn more at or call 866-999-2638.