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Direct Response Marketing Helps Record Industry

March 29, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

If you do video production in Boston or any other big city in the United States,
you’re probably familiar with the concept of a direct response spot. It’s
an advertising campaign that tells the viewer to do something specific such
as visit a Web site to purchase a product. It’s something that happens
frequently in local advertising to drive a person to a car sale or local event.

But direct response television spots can also be very effective in national
advertising as well. A recent case in point is the rock compilation CD “The
Edge.” According to Billboard Biz, record label Razor & Tie Records
was able to use targeted direct response ads to boost sales of the compilation
disc significantly; it debuted at No. 4 in the Billboard 200 album list.

The majority of these sales came directly from the company’s Web site,
which was prominently featured in the advertising as where to buy the disc.
The up-tempo pacing of the spots resembled a sports video production — no surprise
since the tracks on the album include many from male-oriented artists such as
Godsmack, Finger Eleven and 30 Seconds to Mars.

With the success of this video production coming on the heels of other popular
compilations such as the “Now That’s What I Call…” series
sold through direct response marketing, it will be interesting to see if it
becomes a trend that extends to bands selling their new albums through a slick,
infomercial-style video production.

SVP Waterproof Digital Camera

March 26, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Silicon Valley Peripherals is a company established in Fremont, California, which provides digital imaging products and accessories to its customers. Various types of top rated digital cameras, camcorders and HDV video cameras are available there.

Many of these cameras have face and smile detection, anti-shake features, which make SVP products highly advantageous.

At Silicon Valley Peripherals the year 2010 began with pleasant surprises for photography fans and fans of marine life. Today they offer their customers the new Waterproof Acqua-1231 digital camera. The camera comes with a housing, which will allow you to take high quality photos under the water up to 15 meters deep, in the snow or in the rain. The camera is not designed simply for marine life. Take away the camera housing and use it for taking photos of every day life.

At Silicon Valley Peripherals you may also buy SD memory cards, in case you have photo storage problems or need an additional memory card. At you may find information and useful advice on SD cards and solutions to various problems, connected with your digital camera.

In addition to digital cameras and camcoders, at SVP you may as well get a 35mm film scanner, slide and negative scanners, media players, cell phones, batteries and other accessories.

As you see, Silicon Valley Peripherals does its best to provide the best price and top rated digital cameras to its customers and to answer all their questions on digital imaging products.

If one beautiful day your life grants you the opportunity to appear underwater and explore the beauty and mystery of marine life, it would be just a crime not to have a waterproof camera with you. So do not delay, get this new SVP Acqua-1231 digital camera and enjoy the fantastic moments of marine life forever!